E-board Meeting 1/17/15

NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 E-board Meeting 1/17/15

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz

 Stewards present- Terry Mullally, Lisa Edwards, Brian Geiger, Christopher Dolciato, Jim Jackson, Ken Koscick, Cathy Watkins, Marilyn Oliver, Danielle Banks

 Minutes of previous meeting- vote delayed until members could read over minutes.

 Treasurer’s Report– motion to accept report, passed. (report on file)

New Members- (WOIO), Kristen Stacy is a new Production Assistant.  No other new members at other stations.

 Members not here anymore– (WKYC), Four buyouts-Dan Metzker, Jerry Albert, Bruce McLauren and Jim Dungy. (WJW News)Chris Hizer, is the new Executive Producer. (WJW ENG), Nine Vacation Relief (VR’s) employees were let go.

 Correspondence/Thank You Notes-None to report

 Stewards Report/Grievance- (WKYC) meeting with Chuck concerning HR departments failure to complete reviews on time. (WOIO) News Director Dan Salamone is gone. Ken Koscick and Chris Dolicato had a meeting Tuesday with new General Manager, Dominic Mancuso, Jim Stunek and Rob Heverling about web assignments changing.  They were very receptive. We gave copies of our contract to Dominic and Rob.  An email was sent from corporate detailing the new centralization of the traffic department. A question about the number of stewards at each station was posed. President Wachenschwanz stated it’s based on the needs of each station and will let each station take a look at that issue. (WJW ENG) Things are quiet.  A member asked about their dues initiation fee and found out that the fee, because of an error, had never been paid. The mistake is currently being taken care of. (WJW News) There is a jurisdictional issue with the IA’s.  We’re still waiting for a copy of their contract.  We have filed an unfair labor charge against them. 

 AFLCIO-Reports- We’ll ask Rick Nagin to email us the report.

 Jwj- sec Reports– WTIC in Connecticut is now Tribune.  We’re trying to organize them. New membership cards will be ordered for all sectors.

E-board had to go into Executive Session to discuss some issues.

 New Business

RAB 2015 will be held in Cleveland, April 20-23.  We will discuss the local’s obligations at the next e-board meeting.

 VP Ken Koscick will represent us at the June NABET and SEC meetings in Detroit.

 We received an update on our progress in regards to member back dues payments.

 No website update this month.

 The e-board voted to donate $208.00 to local organization.  Vote passed

Suggestion made to stop ordering calendars for membership.  They’re not being used.

 Motion to adjourn

Next E-board meeting will be held on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 9:30am.

 Submitted by,

Danielle Banks, secretary


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E-board meeting 12/13/14

                                                      NABET/CWA LOCAL 42  E-board meeting 12/13/14

Meeting called to order at 9:54am
Stewards present-Lisa Edwards, Brian Geiger, Ken Koscick, Danielle Banks, Jim Jackson, Marty Dechant, Cathy Watkins, Tim Roskey, John Yusho, Bill Wachenschwanz and John Potter.

Minutes of previous meeting- Approved (Special thank you to Cathy for recording minutes).

Treasurer’s report- August-November reports approved. (reports on file)

Monthly reports-No New members at any station. Four members leaving in December from WKYC- Jerry Albert, Dan Metzker, Bruce McLauren and Jim Dungy.

No Correspondence this month.

Stewards Reports/Grievances
WKYC- Working on reviews and back penalties for a member is being evaluated. Cathy will meet with HR this week. The conversion to automation in the control room will take place this week. Elwood Edwards retired, came back part time and was recently hired back full time.
WOIO-letter given to Salamone (on file). Currently reestablishing web area and adding new job titles. We need to renegotiate titles, jobs and jurisdiction. The station is becoming more web driven and there’s a sales employee working in the web department doing bargaining work who is not in the unit.
WJW News-Things are good. Need copies of the contract.
WJW ENG-Dealing with finance issues. There are outstanding grievances still being ignored. Company has changed payroll services many times and its causing problems with members paychecks. There is no rep or manager in Engineering. We’ve refiled an information request and copy of IA contract, to look at violations and possible board charges.

AFLCIO-Reports- Happy Holidays. Report coming in January.

Nagin/Wachenschwanz’s Report- We need to amend sections 2.8 and 5.9 of our by-laws. Section 2.8 will now read- A quorum for a General Membership Meeting or Special Meeting shall consist of a simple majority of those members present at the time of the meeting. Section 5.9 will now read Business of the local shall be conducted by a simple majority quorum of E-board members must be present at meetings. As long as 40% of E-board members are in attendance. Motion passed (copy of amendment on file).

Sector Reports- Last month’s minutes helped. Dealing with CWA dues.
Need to reestablish dues check-off at WKYC. Debate with Chuck took place. Chuck wants to be the staff rep for WKYC. More discussion on the issue and went to Executive session.

Website- Updating E-board members.

New Business- Email reminder for next meeting should be sent at the beginning of the week of the meeting.

Next E-board meeting will be Saturday, January 17th at 9:30am

Motion to adjourn

Minutes prepared by
Danielle Banks, secretary

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Minutes for Executive Board Meeting Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meeting called to order at 10:12 am.

Stewards in attendance: Tim Roskey (WJW eng), John Yusko (WJW eng), Brian Geiger (WJW news), Terry Mullally (WJW eng), Marty DeChant (WOIO), John Potter (WOIO), Cathy Watkins (WKYC).
President Wachenschwanz read the minutes from the October 18 Executive Board meeting, which had not been posted online. Motion to accept the minutes made by Mullally, second by Geiger; motion passes. President Wachenschwanz gave a summarization of last month’s General Membership meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: For the month of October, Local 42 received a total income of $16,619.68. Total expenses for the month were $21,257.32. This left Local 42 with a net loss of $4,637.64. The biggest expenses were for outside legal services, WJW ULOA for negotiations, and salary compensation. President Wachenschwanz recommended holding approval of the Treasurer’s report until the next meeting or whenever we have a quorum. Currently we have not approved the Treasurer’s report for the past four meetings. President Wachenschwanz stressed the urgency of this situation and asked that stewards please make an effort to attend the next Eboard meeting so that the local can take care of financial matters. Motion to delay approval of today’s Treasurer’s Report made by Roskey, second by Potter; motion passes.
New members: Carrie Young, producer, WJW; Shannon Nealon, producer, WJW. Motion to accept these two new members made by Geiger, second by DeChant; motion passes.
Correspondence: Thank you note from Marilyn Oliver for fruit basket following her knee replacement surgery and rehabilitation.
Stewards Reports: (WKYC) Cathy Watkins reports that the automation of the production control room is running on schedule, with the switch-over scheduled for December 16, 2014. While no layoffs of unit members will occur as the result of automation, Station Manager Micki Byrnes offered buyouts to members who may be interested. As of today’s meeting, four unit members have decided to take the buyout. Discussion of the resignation of Jose’ Montano and Brian Behler from the WKYC unit and how this was able to occur. While they will not be dues-paying members going forward, they are responsible for all back dues owed while they were Local 42 members.
(WOIO) Marty DeChant reports that the company and the union agreed to settlement terms for the grievance that resulted when TJ Lane escaped from prison and a non-bargaining unit member interrupted programming with a breaking news report. Eight control room members will receive one hour of overtime pay for the incident.
(WJW Engineering) Tim Roskey reports that a conference call is scheduled in the coming week with Staff Representative Lou Fallot and NABET Staff Attorney Judi Chartier regarding three grievances on file and a new one for changes made to members’ work schedules during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weeks. Also, the company has been advised that a new traffic system scheduled to go online Tuesday may result in a grievance. The IATSE unit at WJW voted on a contract recently, but the result was not known at the time of this meeting. The outcome has ramifications to NABET members at WJW.
AFL-CIO Report: Regrouping following the outcome of the midterm elections.
Old Business: CWA Local 4340 is in the midst of a run off election. Discussion of how to improve attendance at next year’s General Membership meeting. Planning needs to begin in the summer. Address base wasn’t passed along to the new secretary.
New Business: Next month’s Eboard meeting is December 13, 2014 at 9:30 am. Please make an effort to attend so that the business of the local can be conducted. The meeting date was moved up a week with the intention of being further from the December holidays and getting better attendance for the meeting. Also, discussion of putting dues that are owed to the national office into an escrow account to be held in an attempt to get the attention of the national leadership. Many members feel ignored by the national office and would consider withholding of funds until assistance is provided to resolve many of the issues that are festering within Local 42.
Meeting adjourned at 11:37.
Respectfully submitted by Cathy Watkins, WKYC Steward-at-Large

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Eboard Meeting 10/18/14

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 10:34am

In attendance: Koscick, Oliver, Geiger, Mullally, Dolciato, Yushu, Banks

Motion to accept September minutes passed (minutes on file)

Recommendation to postpone passage of treasurers report accepted (report on file)

Stewards Report
New Members-(WOIO/WUAB) 3 new members- Daniel Tarr, Brionna Thomas and Julius Palange
(WJW News) lost one member, Kristen Jones
Motion to accept new members passed

Thank you note/Correspondence
Thank you note read from Tom Topor (WOIO)

Stewards Report
(WOIO/WUAB)- Moving forward with TJ Lane grievance. Corporate is visiting. Union reps had lunch with new GM, went well.
(WJW News)-Nice atmosphere and peaceful with new News Director. (WJW ENG) quiet. A few management concerns

Motion to suspend business until next months’ meeting on Saturday, November 15th at 9:30am. Quorum needed.
Meeting adjourn to prepare for General Membership Meeting at 11am

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting called to order at 10:50am by President Wachenschwanz
Report from President on status of local. Local is doing good. The union hall capacity is completely full. We now house 4 unions.

Report on upcoming election from Rick Nagin-AFLCIO. Please get out and Vote. AFLCIO is seeking volunteers to work phone banks daily from 10am-8pm.

Meeting adjourned for lunch provided by barrio taco food truck.

See you next year.

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Executive Board for September 20, 2014

Meeting called to order by Vice President, Ken Koscick at 9:41am.

In attendance: DeChant, Dolciato, Edwards, Geiger, Jackson, Koscick, Mullally, Potter, Roskey, Verba, Watkins, and Yusko.

Suspend reading of June minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Income $14,582.70. Expenses: $19,436.61. Then discussion about $7000 but tabled until Oliver returns. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Jackson, Second by Mullally. Motion Passed.

New Members: WKYC: Fanady is Full Time, previously from Lion Video.

WJW-ENG: Craig Schuck, vacation relief. Tom Genovese from vacation relief to full time.

WJW-NEWS: Gerrell Nowling, Production Assistant. Nicholas Kovas Producer.

WOIO/WUAB: Mackenzie Miller, full time Assignment Desk. Elyssa Olgin, part time Assignment Desk.

Motion to accept the new members was made by Edward, second by Potter. Motion Passed.

No report on members not here anymore.

Correspondence and thank you notes: We had a few invites for August and September but because we did not meet over the summer we could not attend. Thank you notes from: Fairmount Center for the Arts, Bill Wachenschwantz and Chris Riethmiller.

Steward Reports: WKYC: With the addition of High School football there is the arrival of PT new Video Shooters, they are not MMJ, they are shooting for the WEB (digital content producers) but that does not seem to be true.

There was a station meeting to discuss automating news control room and it could eliminate 2 ½ jobs, but they are not expecting layoffs because of upcoming retirements.

WOIO/WUAB: Video Wall grievance has been resolved. If employee operates the video wall and Chyron at the same time they will get upgrade pay. Also, new General Manager is open to discussion and is having lunches with all employees and Jackson was on a workshop committee.

WJW: 3 grievances are still outstanding. 401k to vacation relief is relying on old language. MMJs are not getting their contractual raises. Some benefits regarding how sick time is being charged by the hour for some individuals and some can go home without being charged sick time. The I.As. do not have a contract for the past 1 ½ years, no terms. The company is scheduling training but not training Union members. Also, an outside company can adjust “Dejero” portable live units, not sure if this violates our jurisdiction. News is still down Producers, they are trying to hire.

AFL-CIO, JWJ-NCC-SEC Reports: SEC meeting in two weeks for Region 6. Also news from two locals in Los Angles trying to merge but instead of staying local may try to move to San Francisco.

Old Business: WKYC dues update, through an Attorney we have reached out to those who owe passed dues. Most members have made arrangements to pay in full or start installment plans.

New Business: General Membership meeting is October 25 from 11am – 2pm with the location to be decided. No update on website. Larry Cohen to retire. RAB will be in Cleveland April 23 – 25, 2015 we are still trying to find a hotel.

Motion to adjourn at 11:02am by Roskey, Second by Jackson. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Christopher Dolciato.

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