E-Board Minutes 02-16-19


E-Board Minutes



E-Board Members in Attendance: Ken Koscick, President; Cathy Watkins, Vice President; Marilyn Terry Mullally, Brian Geiger, Kathy Smith, Stephen Parsons

Guest: Rick Nagin

Meeting called to order at 9:49am by President Ken Koscick.


A motion is made T.M. to accept the minutes with changes from 1/19/19 and seconded by S.P.. The motion passes.


Treasurer’s Report

Jan 2019

Income: 9573.36

Expenses: 10971.93

NET Income: -1398.57


Biggest expenses were salary comp; dues and subscriptions; accounting fees and misc expenses.


Discussion on Treasurer responsibilities and compensation.


A motion is made by T.M. to accept the Treasurers report for January 2019 and seconded by K.S.. The motion passes.


New Members

WOIO- None to report

WKYC-  None to report

WJW Engineering- None to report

WJW News- Andrew Robinson, formerly of WOIO.

Leaving Members

WJW News- Shannon Nealon

WJW Engineering – Nothing to report

WKYC- Nothing to report

WOIO – Jon Jankowski goes to Orlando, Brionna Thomas goes to Georgia. Mike Suchecki promoted to IT Manager, Rob Wanous leaves the business.




                                Thank you note for flowers


Steward Reports

WKYC-                   Negotiations start March 12th and 19th. Met with Koscick and Union Rep. Surveys to both Union and non-Union workers.

WOIO-                 Negotiations start on March 27th and 28th with Gray Television.

WJW News-        Contract ratified in October but raises still haven’t gone through. Grievance filed for immediate raises retroactive. Once the raises are seen, the grievance will be withdrawn.

Raise not given for 10 year bump, although contract states that company will only give 2 weeks back pay per the contract.  Company paid anyway.

WJW Eng-            Negotiations scheduled for February 26 and 27th. Suggestion box for contract ideas. Trying to get more people involved.


AFL-CIO Report –             Rick Nagin gives a report from the AFL-CIO.

A motion is made T.M. to continue to retain Rick Nagin as our deligate to the ALF-CIO, and seconded by B.G. The motion passes.


Old Business

Pricing received on a Wachenshwanz memorial NABET hats. Looking for interest at the stations.


New Business

Nothing to report


The next E-Board meeting is March 16, 2019 at 9:30am.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am





I affirm, that the descriptions in these minutes

are a true representation of the E-Board Meeting

on 2/16/2019.


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E-Board Minutes 1/19/2019


E-Board Minutes



E-Board Members in Attendance: Ken Koscick; President, Cathy Watkins; Vice President Bill Alford, Secretary; Terry Mullally, Christopher Dolciato, George Payangis, Kathy Smith.

Guests: Ed Verba, Chuck Degross, Ray Nagin

Meeting called to order at 9:49am by President Ken Koscick.

President Koscick asks for a moment of silence to honor former President Wachenshwanz and makes comments about Bill, his life and his service to the Union.

President Koscick talked about the succession to President and Vice President per the bylaws after Bills passing. President Koscick asks for the memberships help with filling Union board positions in upcoming elections. Vice President and Secretary terms are up this year.

Cathy Watkins was appointed as Vice President to finish Ken’s term as Vice President.

Cathy is sworn in as Vice President.


A motion is made C.D. to accept the minutes with changes from 11/17/18 and seconded by C.W.. The motion passes.


Treasurer’s Report

There were some unexpected expenses due to the passing of Bill Wachenshwanz. Some meals for the family were paid during the wake and funeral. The Local will also pay a portion of the headstone. The NABET logo will be on it.

Discussion about the salary comp for board members.


Nov 2018

Income: 18338.16

Expenses: 17225.27

NET Income: 1112.89



Dec 2018

Income: 9307.82

Expenses: 13677.82

NET Income: -4370.00




A motion is made by T.M to accept the Treasurers report for November and December and seconded by K.S.. The motion passes.


New Members

WOIO- Amber, digital producer; Hanna, MMJ; Scott Pecker, part time temp

WKYC-  None to report

WJW Engineering- None to report

WJW News- None to report

A motion is made by C.D. and seconded by G.P. to accept the new members. The motion passes.

Leaving Members

WJW News- None to report

WJW Engineering – Harry Simmons retired. 8 VR’s are gone.

WKYC- One resignation

WOIO – Kelly Salandro (Producer) took a job in Toledo

Jackie DeMate (Producer) took a job in Orlando

Alyson Brunner (MMJ) left.



The Wachenshwanz family expressed their appreciatation for everything the union has done during their time of need.

Steward Reports

WKYC-   Getting close to the 60 day window for negotiations. The unit is beginning to organize a committee. This is an important contract.

WOIO- The members were very appreciative of the gift cards.

The new digital studio is allowing non-union people to produce full shows with commercials to web based services. The contract allows for this but members must also trained on the equipment 1 for 1.

Negotiating committee has met and came up with a proposal and is being compiled.

Gray scheduled a meet and greet with the stewards. It should be a short meeting with no contract issues discussed.

WJW News- Nothing to report

WJW Engineering-

Voted on the contract December 7th and lost by a wide margin. Two  negotiators resigned. Tshirts will be purchased for the members to wear during negotiations.

Two members lost their mothers during Christmas. Flowers were sent to one and a charitable donation to the other. Grievence filed over side letter 5, but denied.


AFL-CIO Report – Rick Nagin give a report from the AFL-CIO and comments on the passing of President Wachenshwanz.


Old Business

Nothing to discuss

New Business

Suggestion was made to purchase NABET hats for the membership. Open to further discussion.

A new regional vice President has been chosen to replace Bill Wachenshwanz and will run for re-election. Anyone in the unit can run for the position. The current term is up June 1st.

CWA is looking for support for their political action committee



The next E-Board meeting is February, 2019 at 9:30am.

A motion is made to adjourn the meeting by T.M. and seconded by G.P.. Motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 11:17am




I affirm, that the descriptions in these minutes

are a true representation of the E-Board Meeting

on 1/19/2019.

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Bill Wachenschwanz (1963-2018)

    Local 42 lost our beloved President, Bill Wachenschwanz on November 29, 2018.

Bill was a kind, compassionate, fair man who loved his family and the union he represented.

He was a tireless, loyal friend. A fighter for all who labor. who will be missed greatly.

Rest in peace, Bill.  Thank you from all of us.


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E-Board Minutes: September 15, 2018

E-Board Minutes from September 15, 2018
Called to order at 9:45am by VP Ken Koscick with Bill on the phone.

Members in attendance: Ken Koscick; Vice President, Christopher Dolciato, Brian Geiger, Steven Parsons and Kathy Smith.  (Bill Wachenschwanz; President on the phone)
Guests: Harriet Applegate & Rick Nagle.

Guest speaker Harriet Applegate from N. Shore AFl-CIO talked about members helping with phone banks or canvasing neighborhoods for November elections.

Minutes:  Waved reading of minutes from last meeting by Christopher Dolciato second by Kathy Smith motion PASSED.

Treasurer’s report:  No treasure’s report.

New Members:  Andrew Robinson (WJW).

Leaving Members:  Michael Friend (WJW), Ken Scheck (WJW).

Correspondence:  Thank you note from Ed Louloudis (WOIO/WUAB).

Stewards Reports:
(WJW News) has a new Tentative agreement for 2 years because of sale.  Not much changed, tighten some items, prompter and sick days.

(WJW Engineering) Kathy Smith and Terry Mullally will be back as temporary “acting stewards” until further notice.  Motion by Christopher Dolciato second by Steven Parsons.  Motion PASSED.
Negotations are going slowly.  Working without a contract since November 2017.  Trying for three more meeting dates.  Arbitration filed for Jib camera work that did not end in our favor.  IA is training.

(WOIO/WUAB)  WUAB celebrating 50 years today.  Contract is coming up but we are unsure if we are negotiating with Raycom or Gray Media.  Some of our members have PSC that are expiring, and the company is trying to force them into signing or they will be let go.  If a PSC expires they would fall under our contract.

Motion made not to exceed $800 for food and other items for the general member meeting on Saturday, October 27 by Kathy Smith seconded by Brian Geiger.  Motion Passed.

Announcement:  Union members are encouraged to see The Cleveland Playhouse performance of “Sweat” on Sunday, October 14.

Next E-Board meeting will be Saturday, October 27 at 9:30am followed by the General Membership at 11:00am.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Brian Geiger and seconded by Kathy Smith.  Motion PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 11:07am.  Respectively summitted by Christopher Dolciato.

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E-Board Meeting Minutes


General Membership Meeting 10/15/16

Meeting called to order by VP Ken Koscick at 10:12am with a welcome and update from President Wachenschwanz

Treasurer’s report given and on file.  Problems with reimbursements from WJW  new software system

Secretary’s report- Please keep your persupdate minutes on website

Stewards reports WOIO/WUAB- (Chris) signed new 3 year contract in January.  Biggest issue- allowing reporters with photog working as a team to shoot video.  A meeting with new GM Erik Traitor is coming. WKYC-(Cathy) ratified new 3 year contact in May.  Unit has dwindled to 29 members.  Several members accepted buyout packages from company.  These employees will not be replaced. Multi skilled journalists (MSJ) will be used.  WJW- (Terry) Suffani retired last year and was replaced by Brian Dick.  Unit offered buyouts. Trying to stay ahead of technology and working on jurisdiction with AI terminology.  Contract ends at end of next year. Still having weekly meetings with management for open lines of communication.

Took a break for BRUNCH

AFLCIO/Rick Nagin report

Q&A Session

Drawing/Raffle for 9 union bags was held.  Congrats to all winners!


Meeting adjourned at 11:52am


Secretary, Danielle Banks


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