Executive board for December 2013

Executive Board Meeting for December 14th 2014
Meeting called to order at 9:50am by President Wachenschwantz. In attendance: Sanchez, Geiger, Roskey, Kubankin, Jackson, DeChant, Dolciato, Watkins, Mullally, Riethmiller, Potter, Oliver, Koscick and Kolendo. A new steward Christopher Dolciato from WOIO/WUAB was sworn in. Motion to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Mullally and second by Watkins, motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Oliver reported for the month of November Nabet Local 42 received a total income of $14,730.40 with expenses totaling $20,556.67 giving the local a net loss of $5,826.27. Big Expenses were Salary Comp. and reimbursement of overpaid initiation dues at Fox 8.  Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Roskey and second by Potter, motion passed.
New Members- WJW ENG and News as well as WKYC report no new members. WOIO/WUAB has 3 new members; Megan Shaw, Candace Allison and Nicole Lintella, a motion made to accept was made by Jackson and second by Dociato. Motion passed. Members that have left- Elise Cartmill/WOIO-WUAB and from WJW News Darcie Loreno and Kaitlyn Sawyer.
Thank You’s and Correspondence- NONE
Stewards Report
WKYC- Discussion held on the new contracts that were received.
WOIO/WUAB- Discussion held on the construction currently being held on the new set.
WJW News- Discussed the clarification of an individual who is in a Web Producer position but still currently a line producer.
WJW ENG- Roskey discussed the ongoing negotiations with the company, for information please see a Negotiation member for details. Also anyone interested in becoming a Steward or Alternate Steward there is 1 officer opening for each position.
Old Business- Local By-Laws changes were presented and discussed. Motion made by Geiger and second by Potter to accept the presented By Law changes, Motion passed. See a steward for details.
Motion to adjourn made by Potter, second by Mullally, passed meeting adjourned at 11:34am.
Next Executive Board is January 18th 2014.

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EBoard Minutes 1/18/14

Meeting called to order at 10:02am by President Wachenschwanz.

The reading of the minutes was suspended. All reps had not seen the minutes on-line. Discussion about how minutes are posted and who gets them followed. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Tim Rosky, 2nd by Marty Dechant.

Treasurer’s Report (December report attached)
We are caught with the CWA overpayment. We had a problem with the overpayment of WJW. We need to control it. Sarah Bachman (Ch. 3) got a letter about owing back union dues. She paid in full. Chuck mailed out 4 letters, the other 3 have not paid. Bill McKinney, Chris Mizell and Rawleigh?, 1 was returned.
We just received Channel 8’s dues ($4000). Double union dues and city taxes will be taken out at Tribune next pay. Question by Tim and discussion about how many days in negotiations expenses were in December. It seems the last report also had expenses listed (expenses cover-room, food, drinks, etc. It included about $1500. Salary comp is Bill and Marilyn-$3000). The company usually sends a bill and Marilyn verifies the expenses. The President will have to look up the exact number of days. A suggestion of checking the total bill to ensure we’re only paying for our expenses was made. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Terri Mullally, 2nd by Brian Gyger.
New Members- WKYC, Carl Lemon- part time photographer. WOIO, 2 new members, will have paperwork next month. WJW News & Eng and WJW no new members. Motion to accept made by Cathy 2nd by JJackson. Members not here-WJW news- Kaitlin Sawyer.

Correspondence- Hospice calendar of events (newsletter attached).

Stewards Reports
WJW Eng-(Tim) Currently in negotiations. Changing over to Tribune and there are a lot of questions and confusion. VR’s are all gone. There is 1 opening at the station in Eng. If interested contact John Cifani and Greg Easterly (GM). We filed a grievance on the benefits package. It violates what we’re currently under.
Negotiations-(John) the company is rejecting everything we put on the table and we haven’t even talked money. We’re using the same mediator from before and the same problems from before.
IATSE (IA’s) have not had a contract in 8 months. They held a protest yesterday and about 30 people showed up. We’ve reached out to them in hopes of working together and were shot down by their rep. We’re not scheduled to meet again.
Tribune has held up negotiations, and just shuffled managers around. It’s the same company/LLC as before. It’s not Tribune. The unit is asking for help! They are inviting the WJW newsroom to come out to the unit meeting on 2/1/14 @1pm held at the union hall. The newsroom contract is up in 3 months.

WJW News- Possible scheduling issues associated with the company switch may arise. The workweek is currently M-Su, they are switching to Su-Sa and the timecards aren’t matching. Workweeks could be shorter for some employees. The Eng. Plan is to file a grievance if anyone is shorted hours. A meeting may need to be held to address this issue or wait until the transition is complete, so they can’t use it as an excuse. Whatever is decided, Eng and News should do the same thing.

WOIO/WUAB-(Chris) Still working on our 1st grievance of 2014, Scott Taylor shooting cell phone video. The station rejected it. Shanice Dunning is our 1st MMJ.
The new news set will premiere on 1/30. The company is assigning PA’s to operate the video wall. We feel it’s a problem, they say it’s what PA’s have always been doing. A conference call w/Eric is scheduled, to discuss how we should proceed. JJ has noticed scheduling issues. Pete is using part-timers to fill in full-time shifts. They take you off your regular shift and assign a part time employee to cover. He can’t find any wording in the contract to address this concern.

WKYC- (Cathy) Contracts were delivered, Cathy will distribute them with the new invoices for January. The Carl Lemon issue has been resolved. No grievance was filed and he will be submitting timesheets and has sent in his union paperwork.

Reports-AFLCIO- Meeting was held Wednesday night. Announced Captor is coming and support for Fitzgerald. McDonald’s was also discussed. SEC – Meeting to be held in March. Charter jurisdictions will be addressed. We have 31 & 16 and may get more land. Web-forms are hard to find on the site. John will correct this and is willing to update any email addresses if needed.
New Business- RAB meeting will be 5/29-6/1 in Liverpool, NY.
By-Laws-(Jim) All items have been voted on and approved by Jim Joyce, except Article 8. Once it’s re-worked, we’ll vote on and resubmit it. Jim also complemented the unit on their work on this document. The President suggested the sector pay for units to reprint their by-laws.

There was no New Business to be discussed. Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by JJ and 2nd by Cathy at 11:20am. Next Eboard meeting will be held on 2/15 at 9:30am.

Respectfully submitted, acting secretary
Danielle Banks

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EBoard Minutes for November

Executive Board Meeting for 11-16-13

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwantz at 9:58am. In attendance: Sanchez, Jackson, Stiene, Geiger, Potter, Watkins, Kaminsky, Dechant, Mullally, Kolendo, Koscisk, Oliver and Verba.
Correction to last months’ minutes- the “Bethlehem Steel” decision referred to in the October minutes should correctly be referred to as “NABET Local 42 v WKYC”. Motion to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Potter , second by Jackson, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- For the month of October Treasurer Oliver reported NABET Local 42  received a total income of $10,330.78 with total expenses totaling $11,828.02 giving the local a net loss of $-1,497.24. The biggest expenses for he month were Office supplies, lodging, meals and Salary comp. Motion made by Geiger, second by Watkins to accept the treasurer’s report, motion passed. With a quorum present, previous reports for July, September and October were also accepted. July-Motion made Mullally, second by Jackson , motion passed. September- motion made Watkins, second by Potter, motion passed. October- motion made by Stiene, second by Kaminski, motion passed.

New Members-WKYC- No new members. WJW ENG- Taylor Collins, Eric Hunker, Lyn Olszowy, Howard Davis went from PT to FT. Also, Andrea Bocanela transferred from News unit to ENG. WJW NEWS- Daniel Johnson, Leah Fry and Chelsea Telega. Motion made to accept the new members made by Watkins, second by Stiene, motion passed,
Members that have left-WKYC- Lyn Olszowy. WJW News- Andrea Bocanela. WOIO-WUAB- Lorin Artino and Abigail Schrader.
Correspondence and Thank you’s- Thank you note received from Sarah Bachman-WKYC for the gift card given to her and her family.

Steward’s Report WJW- President Wachenschwanz discussed the 1 day negotiations held earlier this month with the company, nothing resolved and full negotiations will begin in December. Also a discussion held on vacation days for new hired members. WJW News- Nothing new to report. WOIO/WUAB-  Nothing new to report. WKYC- Discussed questions from members regarding the new contract and the signing of it. Also discussion held about Gannett healthcare.

AFL-CIO report- Discussed the various campaigns that were worked on and were victorious.

Old Business- Potter asked for current updates for E-Board members and also if any E-Board member wants to put anything up or would like access to the website to let him know.
Former Vice-President Jim Kolendo discussed suggestions/questions made by Sector Staff Rep Bill Murray regarding language in our Local By-laws and changes that can possibly be made. Language regarding Elections, WVIZ, Equity committee, Death Benefits as well as Ballot procedures. Change proposals will be considered and voted on in a future E-board meeting.

New Business- discussion held on moving next month’s E-board scheduled on December 21st to December 14th at 9:30am, meeting moved.

Motion to adjourn made by Mullally and second by Jackson, passed. Meeting adjourned 11:29am.

Next E-Board meeting will be Saturday December 14th 2013 at 9:30am.

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WJW ENG Negotiation Team

Congratulation to John Fauceglia, John Yusko and Tim Roskey, they have been elected to represent WJW ENG in their next Bargaining contract.  Also, congratulations to John Borland and John Hampton who also took part in the Election process.

Thank You to Tim Murphy, Matt Rafferty and Kathy Smith who counted the ballots. Out of 71 possible ballots 60 were cast, the final results were:

John Fauceglia        51

John Yusko            40

Tim Roskey            39

John Borland        25

John Hampton        21

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Eboard minutes for October 19th 2013

Executive Board Meeting for October 19th 2013

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 9:46am. In attendance: Sanchez, Kaminsky, Jackson, Dechant, Potter, Mullally, Koscick, Oliver, Watkins and DeGross.
Motion made to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Watkins second by Mullally, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Oliver reported total income for NABET Local 42 for the month of September was $36,974.80 with total expenses were $11,350.50 giving NABET Local 42 a net income for the  month of $25,229.09. Biggest expenses were Salary Comp, Officer Quarterlies and 3 months rent.  Oliver stated Local 42 received a double deposit from CWA of $11,350.50 which caused the income for the month to be high.  She also noted that CWA wants us to keep the deposit and in return we NABET Local 42 will not receive direct deposit of union dues rebates until the balances are met.  With no quorum in session a recommendation made by Kaminsky and second by Potter to accept the Treasurer’s report was made.  Recommendation passed and will be reintroduce at the next Eboard meeting with a quorum present.

New Members- WOIO-WUAB/ No new members.  WJW/ No new members. WKYC/ No new members but notified that former part time employee Robert Ryan is now full time.
Members that have left: WOIO-WUAB/ Steve Asimou. WJW/ Terry Trakas. WKYC/ Bob Keys, Julie Borwosky and Raleigh Himmelright.

Correspondence and Thank You- WKYC/ thank you note from George Payamgis for the gift card after the birth of his twins and a thank you note from Arlene Kemejak for the donation for the event in the name of her father.
Stewards Report
WJW ENG- President Wachenschwanz reported of meeting held with General Manager Greg Easterly on 10/07/13 discussing issues from schedule problems and disciplinary action taken towards an ENG member.  Discussed the upcoming negotiations to be held the week of 10-21-13.
WJW News- Nothing to report
WOIO-WUAB- Discussion held on the upcoming construction of the new studio also discussed the live New Year’s Eve show that will be broadcast.
WKYC- Discussion held regarding the new contract that was voted on and accepted.  NABET/CWA attorney Charles DeGross discussed the Bethlehem Steel decision and its’ importance.

AFL-CIO as well as Equity Report- Nothing to report

Old Business- Vice President Kosick notified the local that a friend of WOIO-WUAB member Danielle Banks provides general information regarding the Affordable Health Care Act.  An informational meeting can be arranged if there is interest, please see your local steward or Ms. Banks if interested.
RAB Report- VP Koscick and Secretary Sanchez discussed this past Regional Advisory Board conference held in Detroit  this past October.

New Business- President Wachenschwanz announced the WJW ENG negotiating team: John Fauceglia, John Yusko and Tim Roskey.

Next Executive Board meeting will be November 16th 2013, 9:30am.

Motion to adjourn, passed 11:37am

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