E-Board Meeting Minutes

E-board Meeting 1/16/16

Meeting called to order at 10am by President Wachenschwanz.

Stewards In Attendance: Kathy Smith, Chris Dolciato, Marty DeChant, Cathy Watkins, Chris Reithmiller, Brian Geiger, Terry Mullally, John Potter, Maria, Marilyn Oliver, Ken Koscick and Bill Wachenschwanz.  Guests: Chuck Degross and Jim Kolendo.

Minutes Accepted from previous meeting.  The December meeting was suspended, there are no minutes.


Treasurers Report accepted (on file) – new mileage rates. We moved our CD’s and changed companies for our business credit cards to get better interest rates.  Reimbursements are due from CWA. Everyone that owes has been placed on a garnishment plan for back dues.


New members– (WOIO) will report next month, (WKYC) no (WJWNEWS) Ben Lombardi and Kelly Meyer. (WJWENG) no new members.  Both new members accepted.


Members not here anymore (WKYC) Randy Betkey, (WJWNEWS) Bliss Davis and Shannon Karney.


New Business- Lynda.com update from Jim Kolendo.  We have a new system in place and are in the process of reregistering member accounts.


Correspondence/ Thank Yous– Received a card from Steve Goulders


Stewards Report– (WOIO)-Chris- Had five days of negotiations and have a tentative 3 year agreement.  Highlights: reporters can use cellphones for on-air if working as a team with a photog. Skype interviews-doesn’t matter where interview originates. Before involuntary lay-offs, the company will ask for volunteers, severance will be capped at 26 weeks.  This   is a company wide policy. Minimum start wages were raised. Upgrade fees went from $15-$20 and raises are 1.75% year one, 1.5% in year two and  1.75% in year three. If you make more than $75,000, you will receive ½ of raise in a lump sum. FYI:The company wanted jurisdiction over everything, salary caps and 0% raises with merit pay only.

USB drives with contract details will be passed out. Bill and John will work on getting these at a reasonable price.

(WKYC) Cathy-  sending healing and good  wishes to Brian Johnson and Sean Mulroy.

Cathy, Chuck DeGross and Bill served on the negotiations committee. Lasted  5 days.  The company is after union seniority and security.  They made a final offer.  The three main issues in counter offer-no seniority at all, money- the committee offered several scenarios to help recover employees lost wages, and the company will not include arbitration in contract. The union is not in a good situation.  It’s obvious the company doesn’t want the union.

(WJWNEWS) Brian- the new payroll system is still messing up employees monies. One member was suspended for falsifying timecard. (WJWENG)- Terry- Chief Engineer retired.  Still having weekly meetings.  Two old grievance- photographer upgrade has been scheduled for arbitration on 4/18 and use of Degeros by IA’s members.  8 Vacation relief positons are open.  Questions about vacation eligibility for  retirees, MMJ’s eligibility for same rate increases.  If their contract is not renewed, do they go back into union?

AFLCIO/JWJ- Things are quiet right now.  Holding upcoming elections and fundraisers.


New Business– RVP election.  Bill’s running. Petitions will be placed at stations. Ken’s daughter had her first baby.  Congrats!


Meeting adjourned at noon

Next meeting, Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 9:30am


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