E-Board Meeting Minutes


E-board Meeting 3/19/16

Stewards in attendance: Koscick, Watkins, Mullally, Geiger,  Potter, Oliver, Banks and president Wachenschwanz. Guest: Dechant

Meeting called to order at 9:58am

Motion to accept February minutes

Reading of treasurers report-on file

New Members- WJW ENG-Jenna Golech and Ken Scheck.  No new members at WJWNEWS, WOIO or WKYC.

Craig Roberson left the union at WKYC and is still working at the station.

Correspondence- Thank you from Marty Dechant for the gift we sent to the hospice in honor of his father.

Stewards Reports- (WJWENG)- April 14th arbitration date set for photog pay.  There’s a grievance on Degeros, upcoming arbitration pending.

(WJW NEWS)- nothing new to report this month.

(WOIO)- we have a new steward, Kate Miller and a new producer, Jackie DeMate.  The contract is good and will be signed and mailed this week. We discussed vacations during the RNC and a Skype issue.  It was agreed that our members would control the technical side when Skype is used.

(WKYC)- A mediation deal was worked out.  A 3 year deal was reached. ‘We’re very happy.’  Includes a $1000 signing bonus, voluntary retirement package, raised all pay levels by $50 and kept seniority.  The question now is who gets to vote on the contract?  We need to clarify this before the April 9th voting date at the union hall.  A motion to accept a one-time only use of provisional ballots during this ratification was passed.

AFLCIO report suspended

SEC report- everything is good.  There are a few finance questions.  The budget is being reviewed.

The RAB meeting is being held in Syracuse in June.  VP Ken Koscick will attend.

We will be contacting Eric Seggi about hosting a stewards training here at the hall in 2016.

Website update from John Potter

Meeting adjourned at 11:20am

Next meeting, Saturday April 16th at 9:30am

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary, Danielle Banks




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