E-Board Meeting Minutes


General Membership Meeting 10/15/16

Meeting called to order by VP Ken Koscick at 10:12am with a welcome and update from President Wachenschwanz

Treasurer’s report given and on file.  Problems with reimbursements from WJW  new software system

Secretary’s report- Please keep your persupdate minutes on website

Stewards reports WOIO/WUAB- (Chris) signed new 3 year contract in January.  Biggest issue- allowing reporters with photog working as a team to shoot video.  A meeting with new GM Erik Traitor is coming. WKYC-(Cathy) ratified new 3 year contact in May.  Unit has dwindled to 29 members.  Several members accepted buyout packages from company.  These employees will not be replaced. Multi skilled journalists (MSJ) will be used.  WJW- (Terry) Suffani retired last year and was replaced by Brian Dick.  Unit offered buyouts. Trying to stay ahead of technology and working on jurisdiction with AI terminology.  Contract ends at end of next year. Still having weekly meetings with management for open lines of communication.

Took a break for BRUNCH

AFLCIO/Rick Nagin report

Q&A Session

Drawing/Raffle for 9 union bags was held.  Congrats to all winners!


Meeting adjourned at 11:52am


Secretary, Danielle Banks


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