EBoard Minutes for November 2013

Executive Board Meeting for 11-16-13

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwantz at 9:58am. In attendance: Sanchez, Jackson, Stiene, Geiger, Potter, Watkins, Kaminsky, Dechant, Mullally, Kolendo, Koscisk, Oliver and Verba.
Correction to last months’ minutes- the “Bethlehem Steel” decision referred to in the October minutes should correctly be referred to as “NABET Local 42 v WKYC”. Motion to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Potter , second by Jackson, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- For the month of October Treasurer Oliver reported NABET Local 42  received a total income of $10,330.78 with total expenses totaling $11,828.02 giving the local a net loss of $-1,497.24. The biggest expenses for he month were Office supplies, lodging, meals and Salary comp. Motion made by Geiger, second by Watkins to accept the treasurer’s report, motion passed. With a quorum present, previous reports for July, September and October were also accepted. July-Motion made Mullally, second by Jackson , motion passed. September- motion made Watkins, second by Potter, motion passed. October- motion made by Stiene, second by Kaminski, motion passed.

New Members-WKYC- No new members. WJW ENG- Taylor Collins, Eric Hunker, Lyn Olszowy, Howard Davis went from PT to FT. Also, Andrea Bocanela transferred from News unit to ENG. WJW NEWS- Daniel Johnson, Leah Fry and Chelsea Telega. Motion made to accept the new members made by Watkins, second by Stiene, motion passed,
Members that have left-WKYC- Lyn Olszowy. WJW News- Andrea Bocanela. WOIO-WUAB- Lorin Artino and Abigail Schrader.
Correspondence and Thank you’s- Thank you note received from Sarah Bachman-WKYC for the gift card given to her and her family.

Steward’s Report WJW- President Wachenschwanz discussed the 1 day negotiations held earlier this month with the company, nothing resolved and full negotiations will begin in December. Also a discussion held on vacation days for new hired members. WJW News- Nothing new to report. WOIO/WUAB-  Nothing new to report. WKYC- Discussed questions from members regarding the new contract and the signing of it. Also discussion held about Gannett healthcare.

AFL-CIO report- Discussed the various campaigns that were worked on and were victorious.

Old Business- Potter asked for current updates for E-Board members and also if any E-Board member wants to put anything up or would like access to the website to let him know.
Former Vice-President Jim Kolendo discussed suggestions/questions made by Sector Staff Rep Bill Murray regarding language in our Local By-laws and changes that can possibly be made. Language regarding Elections, WVIZ, Equity committee, Death Benefits as well as Ballot procedures. Change proposals will be considered and voted on in a future E-board meeting.

New Business- discussion held on moving next month’s E-board scheduled on December 21st to December 14th at 9:30am, meeting moved.

Motion to adjourn made by Mullally and second by Jackson, passed. Meeting adjourned 11:29am.

Next E-Board meeting will be Saturday December 14th 2013 at 9:30am.

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