Eboard minutes for july 20 2013

Executive Board Meeting Minutes for July 20th 2013
Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 9:33am. In attendance: Joe Sanchez, Ken Koscick, John Kaminsky, Brian Geiger Marilyn Oliver, Cathy Watkins, George Pyagamis and Terry Trakas.

Motion to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Watkins and seconded by Kaminsky, passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Report given by Treasurer Oliver, for the month of June NABET Local 42 received a total income of $23,499.99 with total expenses totaling $14,223.79 giving  a net income for the month of $9,226.20. Biggest expenses for the month were Dues to the international, Salary compensation and Officer Quarterly expenses.  With no quorum present a *motion to recommend the acceptance of the Treasurer’s report made by Geiger and seconded by Pyagamis.

Joe Sanchez-WJW ENG and Ken Koscick-WOIO/WUAB were given the Oath of Office for the position of Secretary and Vice-President.

New WKYC update- NABET/CWA attorney Chuck DeGross discussed recent conference calls with NABET President Jim Joyce regarding WKYC situation. Expect a specific update in the next month to bring to the WKYC membership. See your WKYC steward should you have any questions.

Stewards Report
WKYC- Discussion held on gift card to be purchased for member who gave birth in the last month as well as a discussion on the latest back dues situation among its’ members.
WOIO/WUAB- Nothing new to report
WJW News- Nothing new to report
WJW ENG- discussed a letter to be sent out to its’ members regarding the committee for the upcoming negotiations.

AFL-CIO Report
The North Shore Federation of Labor held their meeting on July 10th 2013 and listed the endorsed candidates for the upcoming elections in November. For a complete list of endorsements please see President Wachenschwanz.

New Business
Discussed former Vice-President Jim Kolendo will continue to operate Lynda.com and his internet cost will be paid for by the International from now on.
RAB meeting will be in October and held in Detroit, Secretary Sanchez and Vice-President Koscick will be attending.
This year’s General Membership meeting will be held on September 21st 2013 at Noon with an Executive Board meeting to held at 10am prior.

Motion to adjourn made at 10:10am by Trakas and seconded by Watkins, passed.

* All recommendations for approval will be re-motioned at the next full quorum Executive board.

There will be no August Executive board meeting, next meeting will be September 21st  2013 at 10am with the General Membership meeting to follow at Noon.

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