E-Board Minutes

Nabet 42

E-Board Minutes

December 14th, 2019

E-Board Members in Attendance:

Ken Koscick (President), Cathy Watkins (Vice President), Marilyn Oliver (Treasurer), Stephen Parsons (Secretary), Christopher Dolciato, Brian Geiger, Tim Murphy, Terry Mullally, Kathy Smith, George P, Ed Verba, Rick Nagin

Tim Murphy was sworn in as a steward for WJW-Engineering for a term of 3 years

A motion to accept minutes from November 2, 2019 is made by Terry Mullally.  The motion is seconded by Kathy Smith.  The motion passes.

The meeting begins at 9:51 AM

Treasurer Report:

  • The Treasurer Report for October and November approval will be pushed back to next meeting.

New Members:


  • Kelly Kennedy MMJ
  • Tim Grattan Production Assistant

Leaving Members:


  • Barry Nestor
  • Bill Alford Staying as active member of union
  • Guy Tessmer

Correspondences and Thank You:

  • Kuhns and Associates sent Christmas Cards.

Steward Report:

  • WOIO:
    • Contract being finalized
    • Grievances should be paid
    • Potential grievance on managers field producing
  • WJW ENG:
    • 3 potential grievances
    • Going to meet with Nexstar to negotiate
    • Layoff notice for Chyron operator
      • Job does not exist anymore
      • Will be given severance
    • Vacations and Holiday pay have been agreed to
  • WKYC:
    • 3 Jobs posted


  • President Pat Gallagher urged immediate action to protect pension plans now under attack by the Grassley-Alexander bill in the U.S. Senate. This bill purports to shore up 130 multiemployer pension plans covering 130 million workers, which are in danger of insolvency. However, the method proposed in this bill would weaken all pension plans by charging them higher insurance rates and imposing higher taxes and premiums on retirees.
  • This is in contrast to the Butch-Lewis bill that passed the House, which would provide loans to at-risk funds without undermining other funds or increasing burdens on retirees. Gallagher called on union members and locals to contact our Senators and urge them to support the Butch-Lewis and oppose the Grassley-Alexander bills. Brother Gallagher also reported that bipartisan agreement had been reached to strengthen labor standards and make other improvements in the the U.S. Mexico-Canada- United States (USMCA) trade agreement.
  • The new pact will replace the current North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Gallagher also stressed that while public attention is focussed on impeachment, the Trump Administration is undermining gains previously made by organized labor in NLRB decisions, OSHA standards and elsewhere. The meeting adopted a motion for the labor council to issue material on these actions for use by local unions.
  • Executive Secretary Harriet Applegate stressed the importance of the efforts to impeach President Trump and weaken his ability to win re-election in 2020. Speakers representing Policy Matters Ohio and the Legal Aid Society discussed plans to set up a worker Center in Cleveland such as exists in Columbus and Cincinnati to support organizing drives and worker education.
  • They noted that over 40% of American workers have jobs paying less than $18,000. One delegate spoke in favor of supporting the effort of Cleveland City Council to re-establish the Fannie Lewis apprenticeship law which has expired and would make apprenticeships more accessible to minorities and low income people. Another delegate brought out that current requirements of the state voucher system is draining badly needed funds from public education in a number of school districts including Cleveland, and Cleveland Heigths/Univerisity Heights. An organizer from the Service Employees warned that wages gains won for janitorial staff at Cuyahoga Community College will be badly threatened if Tri-C goes through with rumored plans to outsource the work to a nonunion contractor.

New Business:

  • Amending the by-laws voting will take place at the next E-Board Meeting.

A motion to adjourn the meeting made by Chris Dolciato, it is seconded by Kathy Smith.

The meeting concludes at 11:07 AM