Nabet 42 E-Board Minutes 01-22-22

E-Board Minutes

January 22, 2022

E-Board Members in Attendance:

Ken Koscick (President), Cathy Watkins (Vice President), Stephen Parsons (Secretary), Chris Dolciato, Bob Melcher, Scott Douglas, Macy McMaster. George Payamgis, Robin Gubanich, Chuck DeGross.

The meeting begins at 10 AM

A motion is made by Chris Dolciato to accept the minutes from December 4th, 2021, E-Board Meeting.  It is seconded by Bob Melcher.  The motion passes.

New Members:

  • WOIO:
    • Stefan Debelnogich
    • Cristina Garcia
    • Ana Garcia
    • Devin Higgins

Leaving Members:

  • WOIO:
    • Stephanie Czekalinski
    • Nichole Gruesenmeyer
    • WKYC:
      • Randy Betke
      • Gail Sapienzia
    • WJW Eng:
      • Evan Jones
      • Kyle Svenson

Steward Report:

  • WOIO:
    • Demand for arbitration has been filed for the Juneteenth comp day grievance
    • TMP will officially merge on January 31st
    • Telemundo has now launched on WTCL
    • WJW News:
      • Still waiting on a new contract
      • Grievance was filed over schedules not being posted early enough
        • Had conversation with management, issue was resolved
    • WJW Eng:
      • Grievances filed over sky fox and audio being operated by non Nabet members
        • Meetings with management did not resolve, going to arbitration
    • WKYC:
      • Negotiations will be starting soon, contract expires April 8th 
      • Going through struggles to fill positions as employees are leaving

Nabet 42 is currently involved in a reorganizing campaign at WKYC for previously resigned members and any eligible unit members to return to the bargaining unit.

New Business:

  • Pocket calendars for 2022 are available.
    • National is looking to update everyone’s website, make it look more standard
      • Looking for someone who wants to monitor the website
    • CWA is offering training for bargaining study group and other steward skill training
      • If you are interested, contact Eric Seggi

The next E-Board meeting is set for February 19th, 2022.

Chris Dolciato makes a motion to adjorn the meeting.  It is seconded by George Payamgis.  The motion passes.

The meeting ends at 11:59 AM

I affirm that the descriptions in these minutes are a true representation of the E-Board Meeting on 01-22-2022

Stephen Parsons

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