E-Board Minutes: November 2nd, 2019

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E-Board Minutes

November 2nd, 2019


E-Board Members in Attendance:

Ken Koschick (President), Cathy Watkins (Vice President), Marilyn Oliver (Treasurer), Stephen Parsons (Secretary), Christopher Dolciato, Terry Mullally, Brian Geiger.

Guests in Attendance:

Chuck DeGross, Jim Kolendo


The meeting begins at 9:48 AM


A motion to accept the minutes from October 12, 2019 is made by Terry Mullally.  The motion is seconded by Chris Dolciato, the motion passes.


Treasurer Report:

October report not available at this time.

New Members:


      • Simon Hannig Producer
      • Scott Piker Freelance Editor/Sports Producer

Leaving Members:


      • Brittney Bivens MMJ
      • Rob Hillyer Director
      • Holly Seacrist Editor


      • Byron Weems
      • Brandon Serbus Engineer

Correspondences and Thank You:

    • Jodi Fabrizio sent a thank you for cupcakes and 25 year gift for continued service.
    • Stephen Parsons and family sent a thank you card for gift card for new baby.


    • Jim Kolendo speaks about Lynda.com having a new name of LinkedInLearning.com
      • Unlimited access to thousands of LinkedIn courses and tutorials
      • Expert teachers, top quality videos, searchable transcripts, learn on the go
      • Jim requests members name and email addresses of members in good standing.
      • Advises people to wait until January 2020 to sign up.

Steward Report


Grievances have been agreed to be paid out for director upgrades.

Contract passed vote from members.



Still no contract, economics are the hold up.


Stuck on benefits agreement with the new company Nexstar.


Nothing to report.

New Business:

Giant Eagle gift cards will be available at next E-Board Meeting to give to members.

A motion to adjourn the meeting is made by Terry Mullally, it is seconded by Brian Geiger.

The meeting concludes at 10:51 AM


The General Membership meeting

President Ken Koscick addresses the membership giving an update on the unit and the changes that have occurred in the past calendar year.

Chuck DeGross was the guest speaker for the meeting.

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