E-Board Minutes: June 29th, 2019


E-Board Minutes

June 29th, 2019


E-Board Members in Attendance:

Ken Koscick (President), Cathy Watkins (Vice President), Marilyn Oliver (Treasurer), Bill Alford (Secretary), Stephen Parsons, Chris Dolciato, Terry Mullally, Kathy Smith.

Guests:  Chuck DeGross, Ed Verba.


Stephen Parsons sworn in as new Secretary, this is a 3-year term.

Cathy Watkins sworn in as new Vice President, this is a 3-year term.


A motion is made by Terry Mullally to accept the minutes from 05/18/19, it is seconded by Chris Dolciato.  The motion passes.


Treasurer Report:

April 2019:

  • Income:               $21,749.94
  • Expenses: $10,146,69
  • NET Income: $11,603.25

Treasurer Report was accepted, motioned by Kathy, seconded by Chris Dolciato.  The motion passes.

New Members:

None to report.

Leaving Members:

WOIO:  MMJ Alan Cohn was promoted to Reporter, a non-union position.

Correspondences and Thank You:

Ken attended Jobs for Justice.  Nabet 42 was mentioned in the program and thanked for sponsor and support.


There will no longer be a parade for the AFL-CIO.

Steward Reports:


  • Gray TV and WOIO will start their negotiations for a new contract the week of September 10th.
  • A grievance will be filed due to management refusing to pay directors pay to Chris Dolciato.
    • Management is saying it is airing only on digital and not the “signal”.
    • Eric Seggi has recommended to move forward with a grievance, because they have paid him for directing digital shows in the past.


  • Contracts have been handed out to members.
  • Supervisor pay will be eliminated, pay outs have been given to those who will lose pay for remainder of 2019.
  • Pay outs will only be this year not beyond 2019.

WJW Engineering:

  • Still no contract, frustrations continuing with lack of effort from company.
  • Rumors are developing about FOX buying WJW.
  • News set will get upgraded, time table is about 2 months.

Old Business:

  • A motion is made to make a donation in the name of Freddy Saburro to the NABET scholarship fund. Freddy was active in NABET and worked with and was a close friend of Bill Wachenschwanz.


  • Stephen Parsons has gained enough signatures to become NABET 42 Secretary. If no other petitions or challenges are submitted, Stephen will be sworn in at the next meeting in June.


  • Discussing speakers and food for the General Meeting in the fall.


New Business:

  • Motion made to invest in new server, hard drive, and 6 chrome books for union related business.
  • Budget has been approved for $2,500.
  • This will be carried out by Bill Alford, he will do the research and get the best deal.
  • Motion made by Chris Dolciato, seconded by Terry Mullally.
  • Ken Koscick will represent Local 42 at the National Convention in late July, he has received his credentials.
  • General Membership Meeting set for October 12th at 11 AM.
    • Budget approved for $1,000 for food.
    • Final discussions for food and guest speaker(s) will be decided through E-Board group email in August.

No meeting for July and August, the next meeting has been set for September 21st at 9:30 AM.

This meeting adjourned at 11:39 AM.


I affirm, that the descriptions in these minutes are a true representation of the

E-Board Meeting on 6-29-2019


Stephen Parsons








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