E-Board Minutes 02-16-19


E-Board Minutes



E-Board Members in Attendance: Ken Koscick, President; Cathy Watkins, Vice President; Marilyn Terry Mullally, Brian Geiger, Kathy Smith, Stephen Parsons

Guest: Rick Nagin

Meeting called to order at 9:49am by President Ken Koscick.


A motion is made T.M. to accept the minutes with changes from 1/19/19 and seconded by S.P.. The motion passes.


Treasurer’s Report

Jan 2019

Income: 9573.36

Expenses: 10971.93

NET Income: -1398.57


Biggest expenses were salary comp; dues and subscriptions; accounting fees and misc expenses.


Discussion on Treasurer responsibilities and compensation.


A motion is made by T.M. to accept the Treasurers report for January 2019 and seconded by K.S.. The motion passes.


New Members

WOIO- None to report

WKYC-  None to report

WJW Engineering- None to report

WJW News- Andrew Robinson, formerly of WOIO.

Leaving Members

WJW News- Shannon Nealon

WJW Engineering – Nothing to report

WKYC- Nothing to report

WOIO – Jon Jankowski goes to Orlando, Brionna Thomas goes to Georgia. Mike Suchecki promoted to IT Manager, Rob Wanous leaves the business.




                                Thank you note for flowers


Steward Reports

WKYC-                   Negotiations start March 12th and 19th. Met with Koscick and Union Rep. Surveys to both Union and non-Union workers.

WOIO-                 Negotiations start on March 27th and 28th with Gray Television.

WJW News-        Contract ratified in October but raises still haven’t gone through. Grievance filed for immediate raises retroactive. Once the raises are seen, the grievance will be withdrawn.

Raise not given for 10 year bump, although contract states that company will only give 2 weeks back pay per the contract.  Company paid anyway.

WJW Eng-            Negotiations scheduled for February 26 and 27th. Suggestion box for contract ideas. Trying to get more people involved.


AFL-CIO Report –             Rick Nagin gives a report from the AFL-CIO.

A motion is made T.M. to continue to retain Rick Nagin as our deligate to the ALF-CIO, and seconded by B.G. The motion passes.


Old Business

Pricing received on a Wachenshwanz memorial NABET hats. Looking for interest at the stations.


New Business

Nothing to report


The next E-Board meeting is March 16, 2019 at 9:30am.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am





I affirm, that the descriptions in these minutes

are a true representation of the E-Board Meeting

on 2/16/2019.


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