E-Board Minutes: September 15, 2018

E-Board Minutes from September 15, 2018
Called to order at 9:45am by VP Ken Koscick with Bill on the phone.

Members in attendance: Ken Koscick; Vice President, Christopher Dolciato, Brian Geiger, Steven Parsons and Kathy Smith.  (Bill Wachenschwanz; President on the phone)
Guests: Harriet Applegate & Rick Nagle.

Guest speaker Harriet Applegate from N. Shore AFl-CIO talked about members helping with phone banks or canvasing neighborhoods for November elections.

Minutes:  Waved reading of minutes from last meeting by Christopher Dolciato second by Kathy Smith motion PASSED.

Treasurer’s report:  No treasure’s report.

New Members:  Andrew Robinson (WJW).

Leaving Members:  Michael Friend (WJW), Ken Scheck (WJW).

Correspondence:  Thank you note from Ed Louloudis (WOIO/WUAB).

Stewards Reports:
(WJW News) has a new Tentative agreement for 2 years because of sale.  Not much changed, tighten some items, prompter and sick days.

(WJW Engineering) Kathy Smith and Terry Mullally will be back as temporary “acting stewards” until further notice.  Motion by Christopher Dolciato second by Steven Parsons.  Motion PASSED.
Negotations are going slowly.  Working without a contract since November 2017.  Trying for three more meeting dates.  Arbitration filed for Jib camera work that did not end in our favor.  IA is training.

(WOIO/WUAB)  WUAB celebrating 50 years today.  Contract is coming up but we are unsure if we are negotiating with Raycom or Gray Media.  Some of our members have PSC that are expiring, and the company is trying to force them into signing or they will be let go.  If a PSC expires they would fall under our contract.

Motion made not to exceed $800 for food and other items for the general member meeting on Saturday, October 27 by Kathy Smith seconded by Brian Geiger.  Motion Passed.

Announcement:  Union members are encouraged to see The Cleveland Playhouse performance of “Sweat” on Sunday, October 14.

Next E-Board meeting will be Saturday, October 27 at 9:30am followed by the General Membership at 11:00am.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Brian Geiger and seconded by Kathy Smith.  Motion PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 11:07am.  Respectively summitted by Christopher Dolciato.

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