NABET Local 42 Forms

Macro-enabled MS Word Files

Local 42 E-Expense Form                               LOCAL 42 E-Checkoff Authorization

 LOCAL 42 E-Occurrence Form                                    LOCAL 42 Nominating Petition Form

LOCAL 42 Sal Comp E-Form                                                   Local 42 ULOA Report

NABET Grievance E-Form                                                    NABET Membership App E-Form

NABET Nomination Notice E-Form                                        NABET Pre-Arbitration E-Form

Print-only PDF Files

3 Responses to Forms

  1. Eric Walls says:

    Can you post the local’s full mailing address on the homepage of the website. I needed to mail a scholarship application and had to go through no less than 4 other websites to figure out the mailing address.

    The information is not on or either of the two national NABET or CWA websites either.


    • John Potter says:

      Hi Eric,

      The address is under the “About” section, but my memory didn’t have it as buried as it is. I’ll add a “Contact” tab to make it more obvious. Thanks for the catch!

      • Simar says:

        I’ve lived through an atioittrn at an ‘all-news’ radio station in Cleveland, it was not a pretty sight. We had recently gone AFTRA and management decided it was time for heads to roll. Thankfully I survived that purge. I remember walking into the newsroom to get ready for my shift when I saw a lot of staffers, just sitting on their desks. A lot of unhappy faces, the only real sounds came from the UPI and AP teletypes. The Christmas party was not the usual gay affair at a nice restaurant – it was held in the second floor conference room. Station management made the mistake of putting a time salesman in charge of the event – food consisted of pretzels, potato chips, twix cookie bars and really strong booze – of which each of us remaining, got a bottle. It was really pretty dismal. I can say, being laid-off just before Christmas is really the pits!- Andrew, –

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