NABET/CWA Local 42 General Membership Meeting 2006

General Membership Meeting 2006
General membership meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 1:30pm. President Wachenschwanz introduced new treasurer Marilyn Oliver/WJW Eng who took  over for Tim Scott.
President Wachenschwanz discussed the BURST training for our members, our Nabet BURST coordinator is Vice-President Jim Kolendo. President Wachenschwanz stated that since our last general membership in 2005, a new contract for WJW Eng had been ratified. A new contract was also negotiated for the WJW newsroom, in addition to new raises; they now have 2 additional weeks for maternity leave as well as a 401k plan.
WKYC currently has a tentative agreement involving their contract; a vote by the membership is forthcoming. President Wachenschwanz also stated that contract negotiations for WOIO/WUAB are coming next year. In regards to the sector the big issue over the past year involved “resolution one”, which involved restructuring parts of some of the smaller locals within CWA. President Wachenschwanz discussed the meeting that took place regarding the NABETS and the photographers at WJW, he also discussed the Time Warner members and their upcoming layoffs, and they are currently represented by CWA 4340.
President Wachenschwanz discussed the role of the Equity Committee; he read 4 proposals to be added to the current by-laws. Two of the proposals involve shop stewards and their attendance at local executive board meetings, one involves the Equity committee and their role involving Article X and the last one involves the role and recognition of the Equity Committee to NABET Local 42. Retiree Maurice Sears took the floor and expressed his concerns and explained the role of the Equity committee. Member Bob Melcher spoke and stated that retiree Maurice Sears made some excellent points, however stated that the members of the Equity committee should not be appointed but rather voted in and stated his concerns about proposal # 3 involving the equity committee and their involvement with Article X.
President Wachenschwanz introduced Sector attorney Matt Harris who spoke briefly about his duties within the local. Harris finished with fielding questions from the membership.
Meeting adjourned.
Next General Membership meeting will be September 2008.

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