NABET/CWA Local 42 General Membership Meeting “Stand Together, Stay Strong”

Sep 19, 2009 at 07:13 PM

Minutes of the Local 42 General Membership Meeting, 9-19-09.

NABET/CWA Local 42 General Membership Meeting “Stand Together, Stay  Strong”

The meeting was called to order by NABET/CWA Local 42 President Bill Wachenschwanz at 12:45 PM.  Bill welcomed all the thirty-six Members, Retirees and Guests present and thanked them for their time and attendance at today’s meeting.

Bill reviewed the past year at each of the stations, noting the difficulties faced during contract negotiations at WJW as well as WKYC.  Through this challenging time, we have seen 40+ Members lose their employment. Part time employees were eliminated at WKYC and many Members accepted buy-outs at WJW.

The tough times, however, have not defeated us. We have been able to maintain financial stability.  The LYNDA.COM program has grown and will be continued through the next year.  Since becoming President of our Local, Bill sites our over-all Membership number has increased.  With the Employee Free Choice Act a real possibility, increased mobilization is a path to our future.  We need to stand together to continue the progress that has been made in the past and grow to stay strong for tomorrow.

Vice President Kolendo discusses training. Since we began participation in the program, 84 Members have been trained. NABET/CWA has paid for an additional year for the Locals to use to help advance the education and training of Members. There are 450 courses of study available FREE to our Members.  Local 42 has four licenses which Jim is administering.  Retirees are also welcome to take part in the training but preference will be given to active Members due to the amount of job losses that have taken place at our local stations.

To sign up, please contact John Potter for WOIO/WUAB Unit Members; Cathy Watkins for WKYC Unit Members and Terry Mullally for WJW Unit Members.  Each person signed up will be given a two week window in which they can access the courses they choose. You will receive an E-mail from Jim the week before your training sessions begin.  Please let him know if you have a scheduling conflict and he can re-arrange your training. You will then get a user name and password to access your account and you can begin your training.

Rick Nagin addresses the Members: Rick, our Local’s AFL-CIO Delegate shares information from last weeks National AFL-CIO Meeting held in Pittsburgh.  New Executive Officers were elected. Rich Trumka (Mine Workers) was elected President, Arlene Hilt-Baker, elected Vice President, and Lisa Schuler (IBEW) was elected Secretary/Treasurer.  The new AFLCIO National Officers came to Cleveland on 9/18/09 for a rally at the Great Lakes Science Center.  Green Energy Jobs was a featured topic.

At the local AFL-CIO meeting, discussion was held about Issue 6, the County Reform Proposal.  This proposal would replace the three County Commissioner system and award the decision making power to one person with an eleven person council.

Another issue is on the ballot called “Real Reform Done Right’ Issue 5.  This Issue would establish a Charter Review Commission to hold hearings over the course of one year to get input rather than rush into adopting a proposal.  The AFL-CIO favors Issue 5.

Rick recently made a successful attempt to have his name included on the ballot to run for a Cleveland City Council seat in Ward 14 in the November election.  He thanks NABET/CWA Local 42 for sending him to candidate’s school.

Maurice Sears, Chair of the NABET/CWA Local 42 Retirees Council, speaks to the group.  Maurice gave a stirring talk about the importance of supporting our Retirees Council.  He reminds us that we need to be passionate and help our Union.  He asks that we give up time, energy and effort to have unanimity of thought; to put aside the issues we don’t agree on and stand together to move forward to gain ground for all of us.

Guest Speaker Charles DeGross addresses the Members. Chuck expounded on the theme of Unity that was present in each of the speaker’s talks today.  He offered several thoughts on getting through these challenging times and said that he would be willing to speak privately to any Members needing assistance with an issue that they did not want to talk about in a group setting.

The meeting ended at 1:15PM.  Members gathered in small groups to socialize and enjoy the refreshments provided.

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