E-Board Meeting Minutes

E-board meeting 2/20/16

Stewards in attendance: Ken Koscick, Christopher Dolciato, Cathy Watkins, Terry Mullally, Brian Geiger, John Potter, Kevin D. Smith, Marilyn Oliver, Bill Wachenschwanz and Danielle Banks. Guests: Ed Verba and Rick Nagin

Meeting called to order at 10am by President Wachenschwanz.

Minutes approved

Treasurers Report approved

Monthly Reports– No New members to report.  Members not here anymore-(WJWNEWS) Steve Golders retired after 40 years.  (WOIO) Julie Sechrist was promoted and is now out of the union.  The company confused her name with Holly Sechrist.  James Thornsberry and Imel Chadma. (WKYC) Rob Ryan resigned from the union.

Correspondence and thank you’s- Acknowledgement from Ken Koscick in the loss of his mom.

Stewards Reports-(Terry, WJWENG) Weekly meetings are still happening but there is no resolve.  There’s a new boss, Brian Dick, the new Chief Eng/Dir of Technology, but the person who replaces him is unknown. Two grievances have been filed on Degeros.  Boils down to new technology and type of work, not the name of equipment.  The company is physically replacing NABET with IA’s. (Brian, WJWNEWS) Nothing new to report.  Kevin Smith was sworn in as new steward for WOIO along with retuning steward John Potter. (Christopher, WOIO) the contract was ratified and we had a good voter turn-out.  There was an issue with the seniority list-The company wants to move seniority and start dates. Reporters can now use cell phones to shoot video with a photographer present.  There also a ‘meals’ issue- editors are scheduled 8 1/2 hours. ½ hour is an unpaid meal, so they put in for 1 hour (1/2 hour paid, ½ unpaid). There may be a policy change coming from the news director on this one. (Cathy, WKYC) Corporate announced 4th quarter earnings and on the next day gave out letters for buy-out packages for employees 55 years old and older with 15 years of employment.  They offered 1 year medical and salary.  This appears to be company-wide at all TEGNA stations. Mediation is scheduled for March 7th.

AFLCIO Report- given by Rick Nagin update- reestablishing ties with labor union and NAACP. Finalizing candidate endorsements.

SEC Reports- RNC update. CWA staff is dealing with some issues. RAB meeting is in Syracuse this year.

Meeting adjourned at 11:27am

Next meeting Saturday, March 19th at 9:30am

See you there!

Secretary, Danielle Banks


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