E-board meeting 12/13/14

                                                      NABET/CWA LOCAL 42  E-board meeting 12/13/14

Meeting called to order at 9:54am
Stewards present-Lisa Edwards, Brian Geiger, Ken Koscick, Danielle Banks, Jim Jackson, Marty Dechant, Cathy Watkins, Tim Roskey, John Yusho, Bill Wachenschwanz and John Potter.

Minutes of previous meeting- Approved (Special thank you to Cathy for recording minutes).

Treasurer’s report- August-November reports approved. (reports on file)

Monthly reports-No New members at any station. Four members leaving in December from WKYC- Jerry Albert, Dan Metzker, Bruce McLauren and Jim Dungy.

No Correspondence this month.

Stewards Reports/Grievances
WKYC- Working on reviews and back penalties for a member is being evaluated. Cathy will meet with HR this week. The conversion to automation in the control room will take place this week. Elwood Edwards retired, came back part time and was recently hired back full time.
WOIO-letter given to Salamone (on file). Currently reestablishing web area and adding new job titles. We need to renegotiate titles, jobs and jurisdiction. The station is becoming more web driven and there’s a sales employee working in the web department doing bargaining work who is not in the unit.
WJW News-Things are good. Need copies of the contract.
WJW ENG-Dealing with finance issues. There are outstanding grievances still being ignored. Company has changed payroll services many times and its causing problems with members paychecks. There is no rep or manager in Engineering. We’ve refiled an information request and copy of IA contract, to look at violations and possible board charges.

AFLCIO-Reports- Happy Holidays. Report coming in January.

Nagin/Wachenschwanz’s Report- We need to amend sections 2.8 and 5.9 of our by-laws. Section 2.8 will now read- A quorum for a General Membership Meeting or Special Meeting shall consist of a simple majority of those members present at the time of the meeting. Section 5.9 will now read Business of the local shall be conducted by a simple majority quorum of E-board members must be present at meetings. As long as 40% of E-board members are in attendance. Motion passed (copy of amendment on file).

Sector Reports- Last month’s minutes helped. Dealing with CWA dues.
Need to reestablish dues check-off at WKYC. Debate with Chuck took place. Chuck wants to be the staff rep for WKYC. More discussion on the issue and went to Executive session.

Website- Updating E-board members.

New Business- Email reminder for next meeting should be sent at the beginning of the week of the meeting.

Next E-board meeting will be Saturday, January 17th at 9:30am

Motion to adjourn

Minutes prepared by
Danielle Banks, secretary

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