E-board Meeting 1/17/15

NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 E-board Meeting 1/17/15

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz

 Stewards present- Terry Mullally, Lisa Edwards, Brian Geiger, Christopher Dolciato, Jim Jackson, Ken Koscick, Cathy Watkins, Marilyn Oliver, Danielle Banks

 Minutes of previous meeting- vote delayed until members could read over minutes.

 Treasurer’s Report– motion to accept report, passed. (report on file)

New Members- (WOIO), Kristen Stacy is a new Production Assistant.  No other new members at other stations.

 Members not here anymore– (WKYC), Four buyouts-Dan Metzker, Jerry Albert, Bruce McLauren and Jim Dungy. (WJW News)Chris Hizer, is the new Executive Producer. (WJW ENG), Nine Vacation Relief (VR’s) employees were let go.

 Correspondence/Thank You Notes-None to report

 Stewards Report/Grievance- (WKYC) meeting with Chuck concerning HR departments failure to complete reviews on time. (WOIO) News Director Dan Salamone is gone. Ken Koscick and Chris Dolicato had a meeting Tuesday with new General Manager, Dominic Mancuso, Jim Stunek and Rob Heverling about web assignments changing.  They were very receptive. We gave copies of our contract to Dominic and Rob.  An email was sent from corporate detailing the new centralization of the traffic department. A question about the number of stewards at each station was posed. President Wachenschwanz stated it’s based on the needs of each station and will let each station take a look at that issue. (WJW ENG) Things are quiet.  A member asked about their dues initiation fee and found out that the fee, because of an error, had never been paid. The mistake is currently being taken care of. (WJW News) There is a jurisdictional issue with the IA’s.  We’re still waiting for a copy of their contract.  We have filed an unfair labor charge against them. 

 AFLCIO-Reports- We’ll ask Rick Nagin to email us the report.

 Jwj- sec Reports– WTIC in Connecticut is now Tribune.  We’re trying to organize them. New membership cards will be ordered for all sectors.

E-board had to go into Executive Session to discuss some issues.

 New Business

RAB 2015 will be held in Cleveland, April 20-23.  We will discuss the local’s obligations at the next e-board meeting.

 VP Ken Koscick will represent us at the June NABET and SEC meetings in Detroit.

 We received an update on our progress in regards to member back dues payments.

 No website update this month.

 The e-board voted to donate $208.00 to local organization.  Vote passed

Suggestion made to stop ordering calendars for membership.  They’re not being used.

 Motion to adjourn

Next E-board meeting will be held on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 9:30am.

 Submitted by,

Danielle Banks, secretary


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