E-Board Meeting February 15, 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:57am. Stewards in attendance: Ken Koscick, Terry Mullally, Cathy Watkins, John Kubankin, Rick Steine, Brian Gever, Jim Jackson, Christopher Dolciato, Marty Dechant, Marilyn Oliver and Bill Wachenschwanz. Also in attendance: Jim Kolendo, Ed Verba and Bob Melcher.
Agenda attached.
Minutes of previous meeting – Motion to accept made by Brian, second by Kathy Watkins
Treasurers Report attached
New Members- (WKYC)-Scott Pennyman, (WJW)- Macy McMaster, Asst. Producer (News). Motion to accept made by John Kubankin, second by Chris Dolciato.
Members not here- (WOIO)-Scott Pennyman, Akram Harrison, and Meg Shaw. (WJW)-Nick Kovach is now at WEWS.
Correspondence- Invitation to attend Marci Kaptur dinner-election related.
Stewards report- (WOIO) discussed Applegate retirement and 2 grievances; PA’s operating video wall. The PA’s will put in for an upgrade and we’ll proceed from there. On 2/3/14, Dolciato, Hillyer, Koscick, Kohagen and Wachenschwanz had a meeting with Stunek and Salamone about the Scott Taylor grievance.
(WKYC) Cathy met with the Chief engineer. There’s an AFTRA member who is moving to the IT department which is NABET. Current IT is going to be the IT supervisor. The asst. chief is retiring in a year and a half and they want to move operations scheduling to a NABET member-who is not current on dues. There is a question on this person’s responsibility to pay-off back dues. The contract does allow for the move. Also, there are some missing checks from faithful union dues payers, that were mailed to Marilyn’s address but she has not received them. This is the second time, so the couple is considering closing their account. The union voted to pay $50 to straighten the situation out. Motioned made by Cathy Watkins, second by John Kubankin.
(WJW)News- A member is having problems with auto union payroll deduction. (WJW) Eng.- Currently, in contract negotiations and there has been some movement in previous discussions. There are new talks scheduled this week. They are in financial discussions now. There are also 3 outstanding grievances.
AFLCIO Reports- Sector meeting is in 2 weeks.
Old Business- Jim Kolendo presented our amended Article 8 revisions to the by-laws. Motion to accept made by Tim Roskey, second by Jim Jackson. As of now, these are the new bylaws.
New Business- Death policy benefit. Motion for Bob Melcher to speak, made by Terry Mullally, second by Tim Roskey. Letter attached. Spirited debate and discussion followed. We discussed the death policy benefit, because the language was currently in effect at the time of his death. By a vote of 6-4, the motion passed to pay the family of Radames Santiago Jr., 1 weeks pay. Motion made by Terry Mullally, second by Jim Jackson. Additional discussion occurred concerning this issue, (Article 9.7), by a passing vote of 7-4. From this day forward, the death benefit policy has been eliminated. Motion made by Marty Dechant, second by Rick Stiene. It is noted that the death policy benefit discussion for Ray happened before we proceeded with the vote to eliminate the policy.
Website- Question about E-board minutes not being posted on the website.
Meeting adjourned at 11:32am, motioned by Jim Jackson, second by Tim Roskey. Next E-Board meeting is Saturday, March, 15th at 9:30am.
Respectfully submitted, acting secretary, Ken Koscick

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