Executive Board for September 20, 2014

Meeting called to order by Vice President, Ken Koscick at 9:41am.

In attendance: DeChant, Dolciato, Edwards, Geiger, Jackson, Koscick, Mullally, Potter, Roskey, Verba, Watkins, and Yusko.

Suspend reading of June minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Income $14,582.70. Expenses: $19,436.61. Then discussion about $7000 but tabled until Oliver returns. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Jackson, Second by Mullally. Motion Passed.

New Members: WKYC: Fanady is Full Time, previously from Lion Video.

WJW-ENG: Craig Schuck, vacation relief. Tom Genovese from vacation relief to full time.

WJW-NEWS: Gerrell Nowling, Production Assistant. Nicholas Kovas Producer.

WOIO/WUAB: Mackenzie Miller, full time Assignment Desk. Elyssa Olgin, part time Assignment Desk.

Motion to accept the new members was made by Edward, second by Potter. Motion Passed.

No report on members not here anymore.

Correspondence and thank you notes: We had a few invites for August and September but because we did not meet over the summer we could not attend. Thank you notes from: Fairmount Center for the Arts, Bill Wachenschwantz and Chris Riethmiller.

Steward Reports: WKYC: With the addition of High School football there is the arrival of PT new Video Shooters, they are not MMJ, they are shooting for the WEB (digital content producers) but that does not seem to be true.

There was a station meeting to discuss automating news control room and it could eliminate 2 ½ jobs, but they are not expecting layoffs because of upcoming retirements.

WOIO/WUAB: Video Wall grievance has been resolved. If employee operates the video wall and Chyron at the same time they will get upgrade pay. Also, new General Manager is open to discussion and is having lunches with all employees and Jackson was on a workshop committee.

WJW: 3 grievances are still outstanding. 401k to vacation relief is relying on old language. MMJs are not getting their contractual raises. Some benefits regarding how sick time is being charged by the hour for some individuals and some can go home without being charged sick time. The I.As. do not have a contract for the past 1 ½ years, no terms. The company is scheduling training but not training Union members. Also, an outside company can adjust “Dejero” portable live units, not sure if this violates our jurisdiction. News is still down Producers, they are trying to hire.

AFL-CIO, JWJ-NCC-SEC Reports: SEC meeting in two weeks for Region 6. Also news from two locals in Los Angles trying to merge but instead of staying local may try to move to San Francisco.

Old Business: WKYC dues update, through an Attorney we have reached out to those who owe passed dues. Most members have made arrangements to pay in full or start installment plans.

New Business: General Membership meeting is October 25 from 11am – 2pm with the location to be decided. No update on website. Larry Cohen to retire. RAB will be in Cleveland April 23 – 25, 2015 we are still trying to find a hotel.

Motion to adjourn at 11:02am by Roskey, Second by Jackson. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by Christopher Dolciato.

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