Executive board for December 2013

Executive Board Meeting for December 14th 2014
Meeting called to order at 9:50am by President Wachenschwantz. In attendance: Sanchez, Geiger, Roskey, Kubankin, Jackson, DeChant, Dolciato, Watkins, Mullally, Riethmiller, Potter, Oliver, Koscick and Kolendo. A new steward Christopher Dolciato from WOIO/WUAB was sworn in. Motion to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Mullally and second by Watkins, motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Oliver reported for the month of November Nabet Local 42 received a total income of $14,730.40 with expenses totaling $20,556.67 giving the local a net loss of $5,826.27. Big Expenses were Salary Comp. and reimbursement of overpaid initiation dues at Fox 8.  Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Roskey and second by Potter, motion passed.
New Members- WJW ENG and News as well as WKYC report no new members. WOIO/WUAB has 3 new members; Megan Shaw, Candace Allison and Nicole Lintella, a motion made to accept was made by Jackson and second by Dociato. Motion passed. Members that have left- Elise Cartmill/WOIO-WUAB and from WJW News Darcie Loreno and Kaitlyn Sawyer.
Thank You’s and Correspondence- NONE
Stewards Report
WKYC- Discussion held on the new contracts that were received.
WOIO/WUAB- Discussion held on the construction currently being held on the new set.
WJW News- Discussed the clarification of an individual who is in a Web Producer position but still currently a line producer.
WJW ENG- Roskey discussed the ongoing negotiations with the company, for information please see a Negotiation member for details. Also anyone interested in becoming a Steward or Alternate Steward there is 1 officer opening for each position.
Old Business- Local By-Laws changes were presented and discussed. Motion made by Geiger and second by Potter to accept the presented By Law changes, Motion passed. See a steward for details.
Motion to adjourn made by Potter, second by Mullally, passed meeting adjourned at 11:34am.
Next Executive Board is January 18th 2014.

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