Eboard minutes for October 19th 2013

Executive Board Meeting for October 19th 2013

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 9:46am. In attendance: Sanchez, Kaminsky, Jackson, Dechant, Potter, Mullally, Koscick, Oliver, Watkins and DeGross.
Motion made to accept and suspend the reading of last months’ minutes made by Watkins second by Mullally, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Oliver reported total income for NABET Local 42 for the month of September was $36,974.80 with total expenses were $11,350.50 giving NABET Local 42 a net income for the  month of $25,229.09. Biggest expenses were Salary Comp, Officer Quarterlies and 3 months rent.  Oliver stated Local 42 received a double deposit from CWA of $11,350.50 which caused the income for the month to be high.  She also noted that CWA wants us to keep the deposit and in return we NABET Local 42 will not receive direct deposit of union dues rebates until the balances are met.  With no quorum in session a recommendation made by Kaminsky and second by Potter to accept the Treasurer’s report was made.  Recommendation passed and will be reintroduce at the next Eboard meeting with a quorum present.

New Members- WOIO-WUAB/ No new members.  WJW/ No new members. WKYC/ No new members but notified that former part time employee Robert Ryan is now full time.
Members that have left: WOIO-WUAB/ Steve Asimou. WJW/ Terry Trakas. WKYC/ Bob Keys, Julie Borwosky and Raleigh Himmelright.

Correspondence and Thank You- WKYC/ thank you note from George Payamgis for the gift card after the birth of his twins and a thank you note from Arlene Kemejak for the donation for the event in the name of her father.
Stewards Report
WJW ENG- President Wachenschwanz reported of meeting held with General Manager Greg Easterly on 10/07/13 discussing issues from schedule problems and disciplinary action taken towards an ENG member.  Discussed the upcoming negotiations to be held the week of 10-21-13.
WJW News- Nothing to report
WOIO-WUAB- Discussion held on the upcoming construction of the new studio also discussed the live New Year’s Eve show that will be broadcast.
WKYC- Discussion held regarding the new contract that was voted on and accepted.  NABET/CWA attorney Charles DeGross discussed the Bethlehem Steel decision and its’ importance.

AFL-CIO as well as Equity Report- Nothing to report

Old Business- Vice President Kosick notified the local that a friend of WOIO-WUAB member Danielle Banks provides general information regarding the Affordable Health Care Act.  An informational meeting can be arranged if there is interest, please see your local steward or Ms. Banks if interested.
RAB Report- VP Koscick and Secretary Sanchez discussed this past Regional Advisory Board conference held in Detroit  this past October.

New Business- President Wachenschwanz announced the WJW ENG negotiating team: John Fauceglia, John Yusko and Tim Roskey.

Next Executive Board meeting will be November 16th 2013, 9:30am.

Motion to adjourn, passed 11:37am

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