Eboard minutes for Sept. 21st 2013

Executive Board for September 21st 2013

Meeting called to order by President Wachenschwanz at 10:36am. In attendance: Sanchez, Trakas, Geiger, Koscick, Yusko, DeGross, Oliver, Kolendo, and Kubankin. No Quorum present.  Motion to suspend the reading from last months’ minutes made by Trakas, second by Geiger, Passed.

Treasurer’s Report-  Treasurer  Oliver reported the total income for July was $15,577.24 with expenses totaled $6,617.51 giving the local a net income for the month of July was $9,959.73 with the biggest expenses were salary compensation.  For the month of August NABET Local 42 received a total income of $10,525.89 while total expenses were $13,889.69 giving the Local a net loss for the month of -$3,363.80. The biggest expenses for the month of August were reimbursement to CWA for WKC dues paid by members and salary compensation.  With no quorum present a Recommendation made by Geiger and Seconded by Trakas passed.  Motion will be remade to accept at next month’s Eboard meeting.

Correspondence and Thank You – Thank You note received from Marilyn Oliver for the flowers sent after her surgery.

New Members – WKYC, 2 members Robert Ryan and Lynn Olszowy. WOIO-WUAB, Jacob Corcoran. WJW News, Shannon Carney. Motion to accept new members made by Trakas and seconded by Geiger, Passed.

Steward’s Report
WOIO-WUAB- Discussed the visitation by Corporate and also some addition and subtraction regarding staff personnel.  Discussed a grievance filed regarding the Chief Engineer.
WJW News- Nothing to report
WJW ENG- Discussed issues regarding NABET’S an IA’s also discussed the upcoming negotiations as well as upcoming negotiation committee elections.  Motion made to go into Executive Session made by Trakas and seconded by Geiger passed at 10:50am.  Motion made to come out of Executive Session made by Trakas and second by Geiger, passed at 10:59am.
WKYC- Unit has a Contract, it was voted on and passed by its’ membership last month. Discussed the delinquency of back dues as well as some payment plans made by several members.

Old Business- RAB upcoming in Detroit in early October, Secretary Sanchez and Vice President Koscick will be attending representing Local 42 as well as President Wachenschwanz in representation as local Regional Vice-President.
Kolendo Report- discussed on-going availability of Lynda.com, those members interested please see Jim Kolendo.
New Business- Nothing to report.

Motion to adjourn by Kubankin and second by Trakas, passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:38am.
Next Eboard will be on Saturday October 19th 2013.

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