NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 E-Board Meeting Minutes for 6/15/13

Meeting called to order at 9:32am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: M. DeChant, J. Kaminsky, J. Kolendo, K. Koscick, T. Mullally, M. Oliver,
G. Payamgis, J. Potter, C. Riethmiller, T. Roskey, R. Stiene, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas,
W. Wachenschwanz and C. Watkins.

Reading of the Minutes of the May 19th, 2013 E-Board Meeting suspended.
Motion to accept the May 19th, 2013 minutes as posted: Move: Terry Mullally.
Second: Ken Koscick.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. In May, the total monthly income was $9,391.74. Expenses for the month totaled $7,423.53. We had a net income for the month of $1,968.21. The biggest expense was Salary Comp. Marilyn notes that the office rental listed on the report represents two months of payments. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report:
Move: John Kaminsky. Second: John Potter.

New Members: WJW- Engineering: Jacob Jones- VR
Brittany Harris- MMJ
Sharia Davis- VR
Motion to accept new Members: Move: Cathy Watkins. Second: Rick Stiene.

Members Not Here Any More: WJW-NEWS: Dan Stadler- Released during probationary period.
WKYC: Hugh Colbman- Retired
Dave Cushman- Retired

Congratulations Hugh and Dave on your “graduation” to happy retirement!

Correspondence: President Bill Wachenschwanz mentioned that the North Shore AFL-CIO will be having a Labor Day Celebration. The all day festival is planned for Saturday, August 31st, 2013 in the Euclid Memorial Park. There will be vendor tents and a program book. Please plan on making this fun event part of your Labor Day activities!

Stewards Reports:

WOIO-WUAB: John Kaminsky told the Board that a possible grievance is being investigated. Rob Hillier will be in contact with Eric Seggi regarding the matter. Congratulations are sent to Scott Carlson on his promotion to 10pm Line-Producer.
No additional information has been given about the garage.

WJW-News- Rick Stiene said that the News Unit is busy planning and preparing for the new 4pm show. Discussion followed by the group on the “Great Cake Caper” that was
played on Ch. 19 promoting the new WJW News at 4pm show.

WJW-Engineering- Tim Roskey said that a possible grievance is being considered regarding the distribution of “air cards” to all sixteen IA’s. There is concern that NABET jurisdiction would be compromised by this action. There is also concern about safety issues as well as use of the Teredak. Tim said that the station is up for sale and the list of potential buyers has supposedly been narrowed down.

WKYC- Cathy Watkins reports that the “apprentice” program is now in its second week. Cathy asked if Brooke had acknowledged the letter from NABET-CWA about this issue and President Wachenschwanz said that no response was received.
Cathy said that one of the anchors was interested in a NABET Membership for a family member; Cathy gave out a NABET application.
The AFTRA Unit at WKYC has accepted the last contract proposal that had been offered. AFTRA now has a 3year CBA, have been switched to the company’s vacation schedule and have NO severance until 2 personal service contracts have been completed (Six years.)
President Wachenschwanz said that he will work this week on setting up a conference call with the WKYC Stewards, our NABET Sector leadership and the NABET legal staff.
Cathy said that a story on the RTA Waterfront line was being ingested into edit when it was discovered that an intern had shot the story with a flip camera. Cathy contacted management and inquired about this jurisdictional violation and ultimately the story was eliminated.
Gannet purchased BELO Communications Group.
Cathy extends heartfelt congratulations to George Payamgis on the expansion of his family with the arrival of TWIN daughters on June 10th. Penelope Joan and Phoebe Georgeann are now at home with the entire Payamgis clan. Best Wishes to all!

AFL/CIO Report: In the absence of Delegate Rick Nagin, a brief mention of Wednesday’s North Shore Federation meeting was made by Vice President Kolendo.
Jim said that the meeting featured a discussion about the Union movement and how it should progress. Rick will able to share more details when he returns to the E-Board meetings.

Old Business: The Nominating Process will conclude on June 20, 2013 for the offices of Vice President and Secretary. An election will be held if multiple Members meet the Nominating requirements.

Vice President Kolendo said that will have a group change-over tonight 6/15/2013. Jim has had every seat filled for every session. Great job, Jim!

New Business: The SEC meeting will be held in two weeks in New Haven, Connecticut.
One topic of discussion will be the addition of BELO to the Gannett Caucus.

Cathy Watkins asks Treasurer Marilyn Oliver when Membership stickers will be given to Members-in-good standing at WKYC. Marilyn will be reviewing the list and getting those stickers out in the near future.

The Next E-Board Meeting will be ONE HOUR on July 20th at 9am.
The new Vice President and Secretary will be sworn into Office; Financials will be voted on and discussion will begin about the General Membership Meeting to be held this Fall.
At the July meeting the E-Board will decide IF there will be a meeting needed in August.

Motion to Adjourn: Move: Ken Koscick. Second: Tim Roskey.
Meeting ends at 11:05pm.

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