NABET/CWA Local 42 E-Board Minutes 4/13/13

Meeting called to order at 9:15am by Vice President Jim Kolendo. President Wachenschwanz was absent due to a death and funeral in his family. Deepest condolences are sent to Bill, Lori and their family on their loss.

Attendees: B. Geiger, J. Jackson, J. Kaminsky, J. Kolendo, T. Mullally, M. Oliver,
J. Potter, T. Roskey, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas, and C. Watkins.
Non-voting attendees: C. DeGross, R. Nagin and E. Verba.

Reading of the Minutes of the March 16th, 2013 E-Board Meeting suspended.
Motion to accept the March 16th, 2013 minutes as posted: Terry Mullally.
Second: Terry Trakas.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. In March, the total monthly income was $13,876.09. Expenses for the month totaled $16,744.83. We had a net (loss) for the month of $2,868.74. Big expenses were Negotiation Expenses to Fox 8 and WOIO/WUAB, Salary Comp and the Officer Quarterly. Due to a lack of a quorum, a Recommendation to vote on the Treasure’s Report next month is presented. Recommend: Jim Jackson. Second: Brian Geiger.

New Members: WJW-Engineering: Howard Davis, Jr. and Claudia Fleming- VR’s
Returning VR’s: Matt Kootsouradis, Ledeon Isufaj,
Jenna Golesh, Mark Dominic & Brian Palacz.

Motion to accept new Members: Move: Terry Mullally. Second: Terry Trakas

Members Not Here Any More: WJW-Engineering: Jim Snell- Retired-Congratulations!

Correspondence: Vice President Jim Kolendo read the months’ correspondence. A lovely note of thanks came from John Kaminsky for the gift card the Union sent him during his hospital stay. The Community Hospice of Tuscarawas sent an acknowledgement of the donation Local 42 sent in memory of Howard C. Edwards. Mr. Edwards was Lisa Edwards’ father. LifeBank sent a Thank You note for the donation we made in memory of Robert Naab.
Terry Mullally offers sincere condolences to Matt Rafferty on the recent passing of his Father.

Stewards Reports:

WJW-NEWS- Brian Geiger said that things were currently pretty quiet.

WJW-Engineering- Tim Roskey talked about the Touch Screen Technology and its use by non-NABET personnel at WJW. Tim also said that the station is up for sale and that the VR’s are back.

WKYC- Cathy Watkins said that AFTRA voted on its last and final contract offer from WKYC; AFTRA voted the contract down. Cathy also mentioned that management said they want to get use of the MMJ’s back on track.

WOIO-WUAB: John Kaminsky recounted that there have been no grievances filed in the past few weeks.

AFL/CIO Report is presented by Delegate Rick Nagin. Rick began by thanking Local 42 for the cards that were sent to him while recuperating from his heart surgery and complications thereafter.

Rick attended the North Shore AFL-CIO Delegates Meeting on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013. The meeting addressed a number of key local, state and national issues:

President Pat Gallagher said that after initial negative attitudes, public opinion is turning in favor of the striking teachers, especially after the Union offered to end the strike if the dispute was submitted to binding arbitration; the School Board rejected this offer, fearing the Arbitrator might rule in favor of the teachers. Both Gallagher and Exec. Secretary, Harriet Applegate stressed the importance of winning this fight as part of the continuing war for the survival of Organized Labor and urged a strong showing at the Labor Solidarity rally held Friday, April 12th.

Applegate said the danger of this Union-busting measure being adopted in Ohio was very serious, especially in light of diminished Union density; we should assume it will be on the ballot this fall. All were encouraged to attend the Ohio AFL-CIO Training session Monday, April 22 from 2-7pm at Laborers Local 310 located at 3250 Euclid Avenue. Dinner will be provided starting at 5:30pm. The session will be led by Dennis Duffy, President of the State Building and Trades Council and Joe Rugola, former State AFL-CIO President. The session aims to help Union Activists overcome the widespread confusion among Union Members and the general public about this issue.

Pres. Gallagher urged Delegates to sign petitions supporting President Obama’s proposals to curb gun violence. A Resolution urging the State and National AFL-CIO to weigh in on this issue was adopted unanimously.

Delegates were urged to attend the rally at the State House on Thursday, April 11th to protest the GOP efforts to block Medicaid expansion despite Gov. Kasich’s support for this lifeline to hundreds of thousands of low income Ohioans.

A still undetermined action will be held April 15 where statistics on exorbitant CEO incomes will be released.

AFL-CIO President, Rich Trumka has issued a strong letter blasting the decision of an extremist judge nullifying all rulings by President Obama’s NLRB appointments and urging the GOP to drop efforts to block new appointments and thereby sabotage this critical agency.

Bentley Davis, State Director of the Alliance of Retired Americans, voiced strong opposition to the cuts in Social Security benefits in the budget proposed by President Obama.

A report by a leader of the Ohio Nurses Association stated that the Union is engaged in very difficult negotiations for a new contract scheduled to go into effect Monday with the Visiting Nurses Association which has a strong anti-Labor CEO who is seeking a 50% cut in wages, cuts in health care, reclassifying many positions to management, ending overtime pay and eliminating Senior Employees. Unions are asked to send the VNA letters of concern.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Nagin
Old Business: Vice President Jim Kolendo reported that he and President Wachenschwanz will be attending the CWA Convention in Pittsburgh next Saturday through Wednesday. Two of the major issues that will be brought up at convention are: 1) Consolidation of Locals under 100 Members into larger Locals and 2) The end of proxy voting. Both issues are of major importance.

Jim gives a brief re-cap of the Lynda-dot-Com training program and said that since he had taken over the administration of the program for Regions Two and Six two years ago, EVERY Session, but one, has filled 32 seats EVERY month. The next available seats are in the session in June.
Jim reminds everyone who is interested in training, to contact him at his e-mail address, and NOT through the Lynda-dot-Com web site which has had bounce-back problems reported.

New Business: Cathy Watkins was approached by WKYC management about a student from Hocking College that is entered into the NAB Educational Program for an apprenticeship. Management wants to bring this student into WKYC for an internship in Engineering. WKYC management said they would pay the student’s Union Initiation fee. Discussion followed on the meaning of Apprenticeship vs. Internship. Vice President Kolendo will be having a conference call with Sector President Jim Joyce this afternoon and will bring the matter to his attention for guidance and discussion.

The North Shore AFL-CIO will be holding the 2013 Union Community Activist Network training (UCAN) beginning April 4th and concluding June 12, 2013. The training will be held Thursday evenings from 6 to 8pm. Interested parties must be registered by March 22. If you would like more information about this valuable training, please contact Bill Wachenschwanz for details.
There was a meeting held Tuesday, April 9th at the Federation Office to brainstorm ideas for Labor Day. This year, the event will be a festival rather than a parade and will be held in a park in Euclid, Ohio.

NABET-CWA Local 42 Web Master, John Potter, said that the Web Hosting license is up for renewal. ALSO, PLEASE send John electronic copies of your Unit’s CBA! John would like to post them on the Local 42 web site so each Member will be able to access their Units’ CBA quickly.

Next Meeting: Saturday, May 18th at 9AM in the Union Hall.

Motion to Adjourn: Tim Roskey. Second: John Kaminsky.
Meeting ends at 10:21am.

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