NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 E-Board Meeting Minutes 3/16/2013

Meeting called to order at 9:17am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: M. DeChant, B. Geiger, J. Jackson, J. Kolendo, K. Koscick, T. Mullally,
M. Oliver, J. Potter, T. Roskey, R. Stiene, N. Tatulinski and W. Wachenschwanz.
Non-voting attendees: C. DeGross.

Reading of the Minutes of the February 16th, 2013 E-Board Meeting is suspended.
Motion to accept the February 16th Minutes as posted: Move: Jim Jackson.
Second: Ken Koscick.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. In February, the total monthly income was $15,479.89. Expenses for the month totaled $12,541.00. We had a net income for the month of $2,938.89. Big expenses were Salary Comp and Negotiation Expenses to Fox 8 & WOIO/WUAB. The mileage rate for 2013 is 56.5. Local 42 forgave Bob Naab’s dues and made a donation in his memory to the Life bank. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented: Move: Rick Stiene.
Second: Ken Koscick .

New Members: WJW News- Monica Volante- Associate Producer
Elyse Chengery- Production Assistant.
Motion to accept new Members: Move: Brian Geiger. Second: Ken Koscick.

Members Not Here Any More: WOIO/WUAB: Jeff Cook- Line Producer went to
Station in Toledo.

Correspondence/Thank You Notes: Local 42 received official confirmation from the NLRB of the decision in our favor in the matter of Local 42 v. WKYC.
The North Shore AFL-CIO will be holding the 2013 Union Community Activist Network training (UCAN) beginning April 4th and concluding June 12, 2013. The training will be held Thursday evenings from 6 to 8pm. Interested parties must be registered by March 22. If you would like more information about this valuable training, please contact Bill Wachenschwanz for details.

Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: Ken Koscick reports that Danielle Banks has had a medical procedure and will be out for a few weeks. Ken also said that Steward John Kaminsky has had his knee scoped and is recuperating. Best wishes are sent to both Danielle and John for a speedy and complete recovery!
Ken told of a Meeting held March 1st between management, John Kaminsky and Rob Hillier about supervisors editing for news. Dan Salamone was aware of the jurisdictional language in the CBA and clarified the editing issue.
Ken asked Bill Wachenschwanz what the status was on getting paper copies of the CBA to Unit Members. Bill said that the CBA’s are now being printed and should be ready in a couple of weeks.
As a reminder, the WOIO/WUAB CBA can be found on the Local 42 web page and, until the paper copies arrive, can be viewed at the site.

WJW-Engineering- Tim Roskey said that there will be a meeting on Monday, March 18th to discuss interactive devices and non-union personnel. Recently there has been an issue about editing work being moved to the Newsroom. Side Letter 5 will be discussed and Tim invited Rick Stiene to attend the Monday meeting.
Tim said that Jim Snell is retiring. Jim started work in at WJW in 1978 and his last day on the job will be next Friday. Hearty Congratulations are sent to Jim as he starts his retirement!
Tim reminds the E-Board that WJW has a full time opening for a Maintenance/IT person. Please submit resume’s to John Cifani and cc Susan Pace at WJW.

WJW-News- Rick Stiene and Brian Geiger reported that the News Unit is expanding with new hires.

AFL/CIO Report is suspended this month due to the recuperation of delegate Rick Nagin. The E-Board sends sincere good wishes to Rick as he recovers from his recent surgery. Hope to see you back at the meetings again soon, Rick!

SEC Report is presented by President Wachenschwanz. Bill said that the meeting was held in San Diego and the main topic of discussion was the up-coming CWA Convention. One item of concern re: Unit Size has been tabled by the By-Laws Committee. The issues about Proxy Voting and SIF Funds will still be voted on. NABET has one appeal that will be heard at convention.

New Business: John Potter asks that each Unit provide him with an electronic copy of their CBA that he can post to the Local 42 web site.

Motion to Adjourn: Ken Koscick. Second: Terry Mullally.
Meeting ends at 10:03am.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING: SECOND Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at 9:00am at the Union Hall.

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