NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 2/16/13

Meeting called to order at 9:05am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: M. DeChant, B. Geiger, J. Jackson, J. Kaminsky, K. Koscick, J. Kubankin,
T. Mullally, M. Oliver, G. Payamgis, J. Potter, T. Roskey, R. Stiene, N. Tatulinski,
T. Trakas, W. Wachenschwanz and C. Watkins.
Non-voting attendees: C. DeGross and R. Nagin.

Reading of the Minutes of the January 19th, 2013 E-Board Meeting is suspended.
Motion to accept the January 19th Minutes as posted: Move: Terry Mullally.
Second: Rick Stiene.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. In January, the total monthly income was $20,101.75. Expenses for the month totaled $19,541.35. We had a net income for the month of $560.40. Big expenses were Salary Comp and Negotiation Expenses to Fox 8 & WOIO/WUAB and Accounting Fees. Marty DeChant inquired if any progress had been made on investigating alternative phone plans for the Officers. John Potter examined the phone bills to see where savings could be made; further discussion and options for plans will have to be studied. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented: Move: Terry Trakas. Second: Brian Geiger.

New Members: WJW News- Daniel Stadler- Producer
Motion to accept new Member: Move: Cathy Watkins. Second: Rick Stiene.

Members Not Here Any More: None.

Correspondence/Thank You Notes: Cathy Watkins read a note of thanks from
Bob Naab (WKYC) for the gift card that was sent to his family during his illness.
Sadly, Bob’s condition has worsened in the past month and Cathy asks for prayers for Bob. Cathy also read a note of appreciation from Julianne Smilor, daughter of
Mark Smilor, (WKYC) for the gift card that the E-Board gave her on the birth of her daughter Sofia.
Good wishes are sent to John Adkins (WOIO-WUAB) during his short-term disability via John Kaminsky.
Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: John Kaminsky informs the E-Board that WOIO-WUAB Members have ratified a new Collective Bargaining agreement as of February 8th, 2013. This is the fourth CBA between the Union and Raycom. Seventy-five percent of the Members came out to vote on the 3 year Contract which included a one and one-half percent increase in the second year and a one and three-quarter increase in the third year.
Members had asked if there would be any provision for early voting in the future? Bill Wachenschwanz said he would look into it, but early voting may require a change in the Local’s By Laws to accommodate. The Labor Department has criteria that must be met in the election process; electronic voting must be administered by a third party and, at the moment, is extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for us. Bill thanked John Potter for electronically distributing the CBA to the Members on Flash Drives which was a great cost savings to the Local.

WJW-Engineering- Tim Roskey said that discussion on Smart Board technology continues. The station purchased a new truck. VR’s will be returning soon. An additional hour of news will be added in the Fall. Ron Mounts was recently let go.

WJW-News- Rick Stiene and Brian Geiger reported that approval for a new Producer position has been made by management.

WKYC- Chuck DeGross said that he is preparing a case against former Member Brandi Paulsen in Small Claims Court with respect to unpaid past dues owed to the Union. Three Credit reporting agencies have been alerted regarding her delinquent dues status.

AFL/CIO Report is presented by delegate Rick Nagin. Rick verbally gave the E-Board a succinct recap of the Delegates Meeting but has also submitted an in depth report which follows:

The proposed state budget, the “Right To Work” threat, the defense of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the U.S. Postal Service and immigration reform were the key issues addressed at the monthly delegates’ meeting of the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, Weds.,Feb. 13.

State AFL-CIO President Tim Burga, the main speaker, thanked the Federation for its contribution to the massive, successful effort in the Nov. election. Burga said the budget proposed by Gov. Kasich continues GOP efforts to cut taxes on the wealthy and shift the burden to working families, as well as underfunding public education and local government services. Nine Central Labor Councils have set up phone banks as part of an educational campaign so unions can reach their members on the so-called
“Right To Work” effort promoted by the same groups that brought about Senate Bill 5. The phone bank in Cleveland is in operation every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm and 6-8 pm at the Federation office.

Exec. Sec’y Harriet Applegate reported on the fight against cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and the across the board cuts in government programs set for March 1 (sequestration). The labor council held a demonstration in Public Square Jan. 30, was set to take part in the Feb. 14th “National Call In to Congress Day” and will hold a press conference this coming Weds. (Feb. 20) at its office to which all affiliates are urged to send representatives. A Spring fund raiser honoring Dennis Kucinich is planned. Union counselor classes at the United Labor Agency will start April 1.

Pres. Pat Gallagher reported that Labor Day will be celebrated this year with a family picnic and festival.

Bill Barnes, Vice Pres. of the Letter Carriers local, said the union was challenging Postmaster General Donohoe’s surprise announcement that Saturday deliveries would end in August. Barnes said such a service cut requires an act of Congress, would result in the loss of 25,000 jobs, and is part of an effort to privatize and eventually eliminate the postal service. The NALC has called on Donohoe, a Bush appointee, to resign. 80% of the USPS deficit is due to an onerous requirement enacted under Bush to pre-fund pensions 75 years in advance.

The delegates unanimously endorsed a resolution supporting a road map to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Nagin
Feb. 14, 2013

New Business: The CWA Convention will be held in Pittsburgh PA on April 20-24th. Vice President Kolendo and President Wachenschwanz will be going as our delegates.
President Wachenschwanz reviewed several issues that will be voted on during the convention that are of importance to NABET locals.

Motion to Adjourn: Ken Koscick. Second: George Payamgis.
Meeting ends at 10:26am.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING: Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at 9:00am at the Union Hall.

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