NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 12/08/12

Meeting called to order by President Bill Wachenschwanz at 11:39AM.

Attendees: M. DeChant, J. Jackson, J. Kaminsky, J. Kolendo, J. Kubankin, T. Mullally,
M. Oliver, J. Potter, T. Roskey, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas, W. Wachenschwanz and
C. Watkins.
Non-Voting Attendee: C. DeGross.

Reading of the Minutes of the November 17th, 2012 E-Board Meeting are suspended. No changes or corrections are requested. Motion to accept the minutes as posted:
Move: Marty DeChant. Second: Jim Jackson.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. The total monthly income was $17,543.25. Expenses for the month totaled $15,092.44. We had a net income for the month of $2,450.81. Marilyn noted that the big expenses for the month were salary compensation and Negotiation Expenses for Fox8. Bill said that due to the fact that we were shy of a quorum, we will not have a motion to accept this month’s Treasurer’s report. Bill asked for a Motion to Recommend acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report as presented to be voted on at the January 2013 E-Board Meeting; we will also vote to accept the November Treasurer’s report at that time. Motion to RECOMMEND acceptance and vote on the November and December Treasurer’s Reports in January 2013: Move: John Potter. Second: Terry Trakas.

New Members: WOIO/WUAB- Krista Pennie Meyers- Full Time Line Producer
. (Transferred in from Memphis)
Motion to accept New Members: Move: John Kaminsky. Second: Terry Mullally.

Members Not Here Any More: WKYC- Brandi Paulsen- Starting own business.
WOIO/WUAB- Tammie Imel- Went to Fox in DC
WJW-Engineering- Brian Palacz- V.R. time done.
Matt Kootsouradis- V.R.
WJW- News: Megan Hayes. Lorain Library System.

Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: John Kaminsky reported that Negotiations at WOIO/WUAB opened up on December 4, 5th and 6th. The following report was issued by the Negotiating Team to update Members:

“We had our first round of talks with the Company for our next CBA. Three days of tough bargaining were held in which only non-economic topics were discussed. Things actually bogged down on the 3rd day, but in the end we were able to reach tentative agreements on all non-economic issues. Specific language still needs to be ironed out, but the basic concepts on a number of issues were agreed upon.
The Company was strongly looking for increased “flexibility” regarding their ability to collect and broadcast news content. So as a result, many jurisdictional issues were discussed at length. The Union recognizes that the nature of the news business has evolved over the years, but is seeking certain protections for Unit Members.
Some topics discussed were administrative in nature such as attendance issues, scheduling, time sheets, equipment, conflicting language in the current CBA, severance pay, per diem, shift differential, and the use of social media.
At the end of three days, the non-economic items were essentially resolved and both sides will draft the language before the next round of talks in mid-January. In the meantime…the current contract has been extended indefinitely, with a provision that either party can end the extension with 30 days notice.
There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are confident that we can reach agreement on a workable contract for both parties.”

John said that the Negotiations will resume on January 23 and 24th, 2013.

Motion to Move to Executive Session: Move: Tim Roskey. Second: Jim Jackson.
Motion to Move out of Executive Session: Move: John Kaminsky. Second: Terry Trakas.

WJW-Engineering: Tim Roskey discussed the issue of SmartBoard technology and the 90 day time frame to file a grievance. The Unit is waiting to hear from Judi Chartier regarding this matter.

WKYC: Cathy Watkins said that WKYC has offered 10 Editors /Photographers buy out
packages that are on the table until December 12th. The company wants to reduce the work force by six individuals. There are rumors that STO will be sold to Fox Sports and there might be staff reductions in that area. No buy out packages were offered to any groups other than the Editors and Photogs.
Last E-Board, Cathy asked for a letter to be sent to Unit Members at WKYC with an update and recap of what the Union has done to help them. A letter was composed by Bill Wachenschwanz and Jim Kolendo and was delivered to the Members this past week.

AFL-CIO-SEC Reports: The AFL-CIO meeting will not be held until next week so there is no report at today’s meeting.

SEC Report: Bill Wachenschwanz said that he has been asked to compile a report for the Sector about how the Locals are working with their Staff Reps; are the Reps doing a good job for them, how are they getting along? There will be a NABET/CWA Staff meeting next week to discuss the results and possibly change some Staff Rep assignments. Local 42 is satisfied with the Reps assigned to us and there will not be changes here. Bill said that the Locals in Michigan are very concerned due to the passage of the “Right to Work” bill in their state. There is much consternation over what might happen there now that this bill has passed.

New Business: Bill Wachenschwanz said he wants to start “Steward Meetings” at each of the Units. These meetings would be separate form the monthly E-Board meetings and would be attended only by the Stewards from that particular Unit. Bill hopes to help all the Stewards at a Unit “stay on the same page” with current issues at their Unit. With Stewards working different days and shifts, communications sometimes break down. Bill hopes these meetings will be a cohesive information sharing session so that the Stewards can most effectively meet the needs and be responsive to the issues Members are facing at their station.
Jim Kolendo will be looking into the kiosks in front of WKYC and will share information on that in January.
The new NABET/CWA Monthly Planners have arrived and are ready for distribution to Unit Members

Motion to Adjourn: Tim Roskey. Second: John Potter.
Meeting ends at 1:10pm.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING: Saturday, January 19th, 2013 at 11:00am at the Union Hall.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday season!

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