NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 7/21/2012

Meeting called to order at 11:21am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: J. Kolendo, K. Koscick, J. Kubankin, T. Mullally, G. Payamgis, J. Potter,
T. Roskey, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas, W. Wachenschwanz, and C. Watkins.
Non-voting attendees: C. DeGross, J. Sanchez, E. Verba.

Reading of the Minutes of the May 19th, 2012 E-Board Meeting suspended.
Motion to accept the May 19th, 2012 minutes as posted: Cathy Watkins.
Second: Ken Koscick.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Marilyn Oliver presents the monthly reports for May and June of 2012. In May, NABET local 42 received a total income of $14,522.14. Expenses for the month totaled $12,993.92. There was an income for the month of May in the amount of $1,528.22.

In June, NABET Local 42 received a total income of $13,663.44. The expenses for the month of June were $16,077.96. Big expenses were the Officer Quarterly, Salary Comp, and ULOA and meals for the WJW Negotiations. There was a net loss for the month of June in the amount of $2,414.52.

Marilyn stresses that all Officers continue to strive to keep costs down.
Due to a lack of a quorum, the Board is unable to vote on acceptance/rejection of the Treasurer’s report for the months of May and June 2012.

New Members: WJW: Enrique Correa- MMJ
WOIO/WUAB- Misty Stiver- Full-time Producer from P.T.

Motion to accept new Members: Move: Terry Mullally. Second: John Potter.

In Memoriam: CWA Vice President Seth Rosen passed away suddenly this week.
Seth was instrumental in helping Local 42 get SIF funds for our Mobilization at WKYC. We offer our sincere sympathy to Seth’s family and all of CWA on this tragic loss.

Correspondence: Rick Nagin, our AFL-CIO Delegate, sent an e-mail announcement about the signature drive that is underway re: Redistricting Reform Referendum. In brief Rick said;
“Secretary of State Husted reported that the campaign is 131,000 signatures short and that the deadline to make that up is July 28 — a week from Saturday.

Your help is urgently needed to make sure enough signatures are collected. Petitions are available at Voters First offices around Ohio. You can locate one near you at this link:

In addition, petitions are available from many union halls, Central Labor Councils, Democratic Party headquarters and Obama campaign offices.

Let’s make sure all picnics, festivals and cultural events are covered in the next few days before the fast approaching deadline. Let’s make sure this GOP attack on democracy fails!”

Old Business: The RAB was held in June in Boston. Steve Sturm, General Council for NABET in Washington, gave a fascinating presentation regarding Social Media and your rights in the workplace. Steve warned Members to be cautious with comments about work on Social Media sites; you can be left open to legal problems if your personal comments are offensive to your employer. However, if your comments are part of a “concerted effort” they are not subject to the same restrictions as personal statements.

The Staff Reps have worked on new Pre-Grievance, Grievance and Arbitration forms. The idea is if a consistency of information is provided, we can better assist our Members in the Grievance process. Look for the new forms on our Local 42 Website in the coming months.

NABET/CWA is rolling out an additional training program for our Members in good standing. The program is called “Class On Demand” and it does NOT replace There are many similarities between the two programs, but one difference is that COD offers users an online chat feature for Q&A. COD can also produce custom training videos for specific models of equipment. The list of currently available classes can be found on line at the following address:
The NABET Administrator for Class On Demand is Kate Murray. You will need to contact her to begin using the new training program. Jim Kolendo is not Admin on this training program and will be unable to sign you up for their classes. Please contact your Union Steward for all the information you will need to register.

New Business: The General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 13th at the Union Hall. We will discuss food options at the E-Board Meeting in September.

The WJW Engineering Negotiating Committee is continuing to negotiate with management for a new CBA. The next meeting will occur the week of July 23rd. There will be a Unit Meeting today immediately following E-Board for the Members of the WJW Engineering Unit.

Motion to Adjourn: Ken Koscick. Second: Terry Trakas.

Meeting ends at 12:16pm.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at 11:00am at the Union Hall.

PLEASE NOTE- There will NOT be an E-Board meeting held in August! Enjoy the month off and have a fun and safe summer.

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