NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 1/21/12

Meeting called to order at 11:29am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: M. DeChant, B. Geiger, J. Jackson, J. Kaminsky,
J. Kolendo, J. Kubankin, T. Mullally, M. Oliver, C. Riethmiller,
T. Roskey, R. Stiene, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas,E. Valdez,
W. Wachenschwanz, C. Watkins.
Non-voting attendees: R. Nagin and E. Verba.

Reading of the Minutes of the December 17th, 2011 E-Board Meeting is suspended.
No changes or corrections are requested. Motion to accept the minutes as posted: Emily Valdez. Second: Terry Mullally.

Treasurer’s Report for November 2011 is read and reviewed by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. No vote to accept this report was taken in December due to lack of quorum. Terry Trakas asked for clarification on the term “Salary Comp”. Marilyn explains the difference between this term and ULOA. With no further questions or comments, President Wachenschwanz calls for a Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report for November 2011 as presented. Motion to accept the November 2011 Treasurer’s report as presented:
Cathy Watkins. Second: John Kubankin.

Marilyn Oliver presents the December 2011 Treasurer’s Report. In December, the total monthly income was $17,451.28. Expenses for the month totaled $21,451.59. We had a net loss for the month of $4000.31. Big expenses were the Officer Quarterly, Salary Comp, ULOA and Legal Fees. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report: Cathy Watkins. Second: Terry Trakas.

New Members: WOIO/WUAB- Kevin Rans- Part-time Photographer
WJW-ENG- Jenna Golech – Vacation Relief Tec
Chris Jones and Amanda Smith
VR to Full Time
Motion to accept new Members: Emily Valdez. Second: Brian Geiger

Members Not Here Any More:
WOIO/WUAB- William Rees- MCO
Retired. William has been with WUAB since 1970.
Lindsay Oliver- Moved to NYC to work on Fox & Friends.

Correspondence: Bill Wachenschwanz got a Happy New Year greeting from the AFL-CIO. They will be having two initiatives which will be discussed during the AFL-CIO report from Rick Nagin later in the meeting.

Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: John Kaminsky offers sincere condolences to Danielle Banks on the passing of her father, Gary Williams. Deep sympathy is extended to Ken Koscick and his family, on the recent passing of Ken’s brother Edward.
John spoke about a Members’ Seniority status as well as the serious issue of Members working “off the clock”. The company requested documentation about the Members in question, which was provided. The company wants to settle the “off the clock” issue and mentioned that Members might be subject to disciplinary action if they are found to be working “off the clock”.

WJW-Engineering- Tim Roskey reports that the Nominating Petitions for the Negotiating Committee will be up until next week. Anyone interested in being on the Committee can still sign up.
Tim said that the unattended trucks Arbitration will be held on January 27th, 2012. The Arbitration on the Brown’s Show and the Benefits Grievance will be coming up. The one-to-one sharing with the IA’s grievance will be going to Arbitration. There is a new grievance on the company when two IA’s were sent out on a truck without assigning any NABET’s. The problem of Members’ time sheets being altered after they were submitted and lunch penalties being changed was discussed.

WJW-NEWS- Brian Geiger received an e-mail from Lou Fallot about the Directors Lay-offs. Sadly, the grievance was denied. Chuck DeGross said he was very disappointed with the decision which was a matter of contract interpretation and technological change. Vice President Jim Kolendo reminds all the laid-off Directors that they are still eligible for training. Please contact him or a Steward for details.

WKYC- Cathy Watkins recounts that it has been two years since the company implemented the new work rules. Besides Ramona Robinson leaving the station, Mark Nolan also decided to leave. Cathy has distributed the 2012 Membership stickers. Please see her if you did not receive a sticker. There will be a Unit Meeting next Saturday, January 28th at the Union Hall for all WKYC Members. Attorney, Chuck DeGross has been checking daily on the status of the NLRB hearing. Chuck reports that President Obama has appointed three new members to the NLRB and they are now hearing cases. Chuck reminds us that this hearing is a huge event and NABET Sector Council Judiann Chartier and CWA Council will be joining in the hearing. President Wachenschwanz asked Chuck to draft a letter to the WKYC Unit Members with an up-date on the status of the hearing and the case in general. Chuck said he would do so.

AFL/CIO Report is presented by Rick Nagin. Rick attended last weeks Delegate Meeting at the AFL-CIO where the endorsements for various candidates were presented. A point of concern was that several Representatives had voted against Issue 5; candidates that were more committed to the goals of Labor were recommended.

For the Ohio Court of Appeals 8th District, Eileen T. Gallagher is endorsed.

Common Pleas Court (General Division), Michael Jackson, Dean Van Dress, Colleen Ann Reali, Cullen Sweeny and Steve Gall were recommended.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, 6th District- Anthony
7th District- Matt Patten, 11th District- Sandra Williams and the
16th District- Todd Leveck.

In the U.S. House of Representatives- 9th District – Dennis Kucinich is endorsed and in the 16th District- Betty Sutton. For more information, please go to the North Shore AFL-CIO web site.

On Tuesday, January 24th there will be a meeting to hear the candidates for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor speak and respond to questions. Everyone is invited to the Laborers Local 310 Hall from 5 to 7pm.

There are two major issues the AFL-CIO is keeping an eye on; the first is Cooper Tires in Findlay, Ohio. The second is the “Right to Work” law in Indiana. The NFL Players Association is opposed to the Right to Work law and asks all Unions to take part to defeat it.

OLD BUSINESS: Vice President Jim Kolendo up-dates the Board on his progress managing the Lynda-dot-com licenses. Jim said that there are ten empty slots in the next session which are available for all active Members. Final Cut Pro Training Registration will close on February 1st.. You must have your $50 check and all Registration materials to Jim by that date. Please contact Jim or your Stewards for more information.

NEW BUSINESS: President Bill Wachenschwanz asks the E-Board to consider moving up the Nominating Petition Process and Elections for the Local 42 President and Treasurer which will take place in 2012. The term of office for President and Treasurer expire on June 30th, 2012. Since the Local will be in the middle of Contract Bargaining at WOIO/WUAB and WJW-Engineering at that time, Bill would like to move the Nomination Process up to February or March and the Election around (or after) that time so as not to interfere with the negotiations.
The E-Board discusses this and consults with Chuck DeGross to check the By-Laws for conflict. Chuck said the By-Laws do not prevent moving the date of the election as long as the term of office does not exceed the specified time limits. A Motion is made to move the Local 42 Elections for President and Treasurer, term beginning 7/01/2012, to a date set by the Local Election Committee, to not interfere with contract negotiations. Moved: Terry Trakas.
Second: John Kubankin.

Cathy Watkins asks Election Chair, Nancy Tatulinski when WKYC Steward Elections will take place. Nancy said that the Nominating Petitions will be available for WKYC Members as of February 1st, 2012. A notice informing Members will be posted before the end of January.

President Wachenschwanz asks for a volunteer from WJW to fill a vacancy on the Election Committee. Emily Valdez volunteers. The Election Committee for Local 42 is:
Nancy Tatulinski (Chair); Ken Koscick (WOIO/WUAB),
John Kubankin (WKYC) and Emily Valdez (WJW).

Motion to Adjourn: Emily Valdez. Second: Terry Trakas.
Meeting ends at 1:09pm.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at 11:00am at the Union Hall.

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