E-Board Minutes August 20, 2011

NABET/CWA LOCAL 42 Executive Board Meeting Minutes for
August 20, 2011

Meeting called to order at 11:07am by President Bill Wachenschwanz.

Attendees: M. DeChant, H. Flowers, B. Geiger, J. Jackson,
B. Kohagen, J. Kolendo, K. Koscick, J. Kubankin, T. Mullally,
J. Potter, C. Riethmiller, T. Roskey, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas,
W. Wachenschwanz, and C. Watkins.
Non-voting attendees: E. Verba.

Reading of the Minutes of the July 16th, 2011 E-Board Meeting suspended.
Motion to accept the July 16th, 2011 minutes as posted:
Terry Trakas. Second: Heather Flowers.

Request for a Motion to accept last months Treasurer’s Report is called for by President Bill Wachenschwanz. There was not a quorum of members present at last month’s meeting. Bill briefly reviews the report and asks for a Motion to accept the June Treasurer’s Report as posted.
Motion to accept the June Treasurer’s report: Bill Kohagen. Second: Ken Koscick.

President Wachenschwanz reads the summary of the July Treasurer’s Report in Treasurer Oliver’s absence. In July, the total monthly income was $14,864.84. Expenses for the month totaled $13,071.98. We had a net income for the month of $1,792.86. Big expenses in June were Salary Comp., Meals and Legal Fees. Motion to accept the July Treasurer’s report: Terry Mullally. Second: Brian Geiger.

New Members: WJW-News: Kelly Ruszkiewicz- Producer
Motion to accept new Member: Move: Ken Koscick.
Second: Jim Jackson.

Members Not Here Any More: WOIO/WUAB: Katie Meyers
Congratulations to Dave Hollis- former NABET…now an IA…on his Retirement!

Correspondence: President Bill Wachenschwanz received a thank you note and lovely baby photo from Brian and Roxanne Geiger in appreciation for the gift sent on the birth of their daughter Sarah. Adorable baby Sarah was born on July 21st. Congratulations to the expanded Geiger family!
Bill received an announcement from the AFL-CIO about the Labor Day Parade asking for our participation. Discussion began and Cathy Watkins suggested that we march together as a group. We all thought this was a great idea. The parade will be held at 9am on Saturday, September 3rd in Parma Heights. Bill said he will send out more complete details via e-mail soon.
Bill signed a letter in support of the struggling Rite-Aid employees and asks that we, as a Local, support the workers at our neighborhood Rite-Aid Stores. If you see the workers outside with signs, please go and stand with them and show your support.

Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: Bill Kohagen notes that a reporter may have been using the Skype technology in violation of the agreement. This matter is currently under investigation. Another matter also being looked into is in the parking garage and possible OSHA violations in working conditions in that area. Further meetings will be held to shed light on this situation. Bill reminds the Unit that the Stewards term of Office is nearing an end. Steward Elections will take place this October.

WJW-NEWS: Brian Geiger reported that the News Unit has reached a tentative agreement in contract negotiations. There were issues involving sick time that had been accrued and the compensation for that time. The tentative agreement includes a 60% buy-out of the accrued time and a gradual migration to the Local TV sick plan over the course of the next three years. The tentative agreement also includes three additional floating Holidays and a pay increase (1.25% retroactive-this year, 1% next year and .5% the third year.) There will also be a side letter opening up the possible option to merge with the WJW- Engineering Unit in the future and the option to sit in on the Engineering Unit Negotiations when they occur.

There will be a meeting next Saturday, August 27th at 10am the Union Hall, to discuss the tentative agreement with Staff Rep Lou Fallot and to ask questions prior to the vote on the tentative agreement. The vote will take place immediately after the 10am meeting.
There is an Arbitration scheduled for September 30th regarding the buy-out of accrued sick time for the News Unit Directors whose jobs were eliminated.

WJW-Engineering: Tim Roskey talked about three grievances that are currently pending. The first is involving management personnel doing maintenance work /up-grades in the MCO area. The second is about the policy on unattended trucks and the issue that the company has not responded to this question. The third issue involves the sick leave policy where certain employees have not been charged any sick time (though they were out ill for 8 weeks) while Bargaining Unit Members are restricted to five sick days a year.

There are other issues of concern involving staffing/not staffing, as well as shuffling negotiated schedules. There is also an issue of management doing work in the transmission area.

There is an opening posted for a Maintenance position. Please give Tim Roskey or Bill Wachenschwanz a call to find out details of this job opening.

WKYC: Cathy Watkins said that there was a “Stipulated Hearing” at the Cleveland NLRB last week regarding the issues at WKYC. The information gathered will be given to a trial judge in Washington at the NLRB who will review the facts of the case; closing arguments will be presented and a decision will be rendered. NABET’s ultimate goal is to get the company back to the bargaining table and get a contract.

A mobilization meeting will be held in the next few weeks to firm upcoming events and map out the next campaign.

AFL/CIO Report is given by VP Jim Kolendo. Jim attended the Delegates Meeting on August 10th which was a kick-off of the Union’s fight against HB 194 and Issue 2. Jim gave a summary of HB 194 which will restrict voting rights, change the time frame of absentee ballots and really target voting in predominantly urban, highly Democratic voting areas. Issue 2 is the repeal of SB-5 and the AFL-CIO recommends voting
NO on Issue 2.

Old Business: The Final Cut Pro Lab training will be held next week at WJW. Jim Kolendo said that nine Members have signed up to be trained. Jim apologized for the short lead time that was imposed on this session. Jim is going to try to get the FCP Lab back next year with more advanced notice so Members can adjust their schedules to attend. John Potter suggests that laid-off Members be given notice to be available for the training opportunities. After discussion, Jim said he will shoot for early April 2012 as a timeframe to get the FCP Lab back in Cleveland.

New Business: The General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 15th at the Union Hall. Secretary Nancy Tatulinski suggests that Stancatto’s be contacted for a price to provide a light luncheon. Cathy Watkins suggested Tommy’s be contacted also. Cathy said she would call both Stancatto’s and Tommy’s for a price quote. We will discuss the quotes at the next E-Board meeting in September when Treasurer Marilyn Oliver will be available to review the budget.

Bill congratulates our CWA Sisters and Brothers at Verizon who have successfully negotiated a contract. A difficult battle, now won!

Motion to Adjourn: Bill Kohagen. Second: Ken Koscick.

Meeting ends at 12:07pm.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 at 11:00 am at the Union Hall. (Bill Wachenschwanz’ birthday! Happy Birthday, Bill!)

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