NABET-CWA Local 42 E-Board Minutes for 6-11-11

FOR JUNE 11, 2011

Meeting Called to Order at 11:12 AM. Members in attendance: Bill Wachenschwanz, Jim Kolendo, Cathy Watkins, Heather Flowers, John Kaminsky, Jim Jackson, Roc A. Woodrum, Marty DeChant, John Kubankin, Terry Mullally, Tim Roskey, Ken Koscick, Brian Geiger, Rick Stiene, and Chris Reithmiller. Non-voting members: Mark Smilor, Dan Keefe, Chuck DeGross and Ed Verba.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting. A motion to accept the minutes from the April meeting as posted was made by Heather Flowers and seconded by Kathy Watkins. The motion was passed.

2. Treasurer’s reports.

A. Monthly Financial Report: For the month of April NABET Local 42 received a total income of $11,395.28. Total expenses for the month were $15,350.75. This gave Local 42 a net loss for the month of $3,978.48. Big expenses were WKYC dues to the International, meals and Salary Comp. For the month of May NABET Local 42 received a total income of $13,336.74. Total expenses for the month were $12,304.79. This gave Local 42 a net income for the month of $1,031.95. Big expenses were WKYC dues to the International and Salary Comp. Local 42’s net balance will improve when dues reimbursement payments are made by the International. Ken Koscick moved to accept the financial report as read. Terry Mullally seconded. The motion passed.

B. New Members: None to report.

C. Membership Changes: WOIO Production Assistant, Zephyla Khoobal, left employment to go to South Carolina. WJW Associate Producer, Lynne Zele, left employment with a voluntary buy out. We wish Lynne the very best of luck!

3. Correspondence: The Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity thanked us for a donation. Lynne Zele thanked Bill Wachenschwanz, Lou Fallot and Chuck DeGross for their assistance in negotiating her buy out from WJW. WOIO reported thank you notes from Chris and Laura Klein, and, Jodi and Trevor Sproul for gift certificates received after the birth of their children.

4. Steward’s Reports & Grievances.

A. WJW News: The News unit is preparing to begin contract negotiations scheduled for June 21st and June 22nd. A possible grievance is being considered over an incident that occurred in the Newsroom when General Manager, Greg Easterly, verbally criticized and publicly rebuked a producer and negotiating committee member after that individual created a list of responsibilities for someone who would be filling in for him.

B. WJW Engineering: A grievance may be filed over the Brutus Master Control automation system, which is not working properly. Ross Overdrive automation for Production Control is scheduled to go online July 1st. Currently it is being run manually. A meeting is being scheduled to discuss the disparity in sick leave between managers and regular employees. Sick leave policy should be the same for everyone. Currently managers are being given unlimited sick leave while regular employees are getting five days. WJW management wants to discuss the legal ramifications of unattended, running vehicles with legal counsel, Chuck DeGross.

C. WKYC: Cathy Watkins offered condolences to Julie Borkosky who lost her father and to Bob Nabb who lost his mother. Cathy discussed last month’s successful AFL-CIO demonstration in front of WKYC against Ohio Governor, John Kasich, and SB-5. Executive Board members were brought up to speed on the WKYC mobilization effort by President Wachenschwanz, V.P. Kolendo, and legal counsel, Chuck DeGross. Cathy outlined three recent meetings with management to discuss job performance issues and the complaint by one unit member of excessive work load. An issue over jurisdiction and unit clarification has come up over work being done by an MMJ. Some of the duties fall under jurisdiction of AFTRA but most under NABET. AFTRA has recommended that this MMJ should be a NABET member. However, the company has stated that they are working on new job titles for everyone and put off the decision of clarification, which may trigger a Unit Clarification request from us. The NLRB trial date over the ULP concerning “Dues Check-Off” is scheduled for August 15th. A WKYC member found a note on his car in the company parking garage which stated, “If you don’t like it here, leave.” The union will investigate and may file another ULP for harassment.

D. WOIO/WUAB: A meeting was recently held with management requesting clarification of staffing and pay issues related to a new morning news show. The unit is also trying to get clarification of what defines a work week. Two cash settlements were reached in the matters of upgrade pay for Daniele Banks and for Carl Monday’s use of his own video for a story that aired.

5. AFL-CIO & JWJ Report: Major topics of discussion at the June 8, 2011 Monthly Delegate Meeting were the continuing effort to repeal Ohio SB-5; the coming struggle against two new Ohio bills that would severely suppress Ohio Voter’s rights; the need to inform congressional leaders about the danger of passing free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea that would export American jobs and worsen the balance of trade deficit; and, the continuing strike by UFCW workers against Rite-Aid.

The two new Ohio Bills designed to restrict voting rights are H.B. 194 and S.B. 148. H.B. 194 calls for cutting absentee voting from 35 days to 21 days, would cut early in-person voting from 35 days to 10 days, and would end the Friday before Election Day. In person early voting hours would also be restricted. Counties would be forbidden to set up off-site early voting locations, send unsolicited absentee applications to all voters, or pay return postage for absentee ballots. S.B. 148 would require all voters to present a government issued voter I.D. in order to vote. This would effectively disenfranchise thousands of voters who do not drive or don’t have a passport. Once reconciled and passed, the bills would most affect seniors, young students, and the poor in Democratic urban areas. Absentee voters would be required to give full Social Security numbers, not just the last four digits.

UFCW strongly urges everyone to boycott Rite-Aid and, especially, to pull all prescriptions from Rite-Aid pharmacies until Rite-Aid management restores contractual health-care and pension benefits to their store employees who typically make less than ten dollars an hour.

If you have not already signed the petition to put SB-5 on the November ballot, you are strongly urged to do so by both public and private sector labor unions. Do not sign more than one petition and sign petitions only from the county in which you are registered to vote.

6. Old Business: President Wachenschwanz discussed the political implications for NABET Sector politics in the upcoming NABET Triennial Conference to be held in Las Vegas in July and announced the appointment of V.P. Kolendo to this year’s Sector By-Laws Committee.

7. New Business: President Wachenschwanz announced the election of Brian Geiger and Rick Stien as WJW News Unit Stewards. Both were sworn in immediately. Bill displayed an AFL-CIO “Solidarity” t-shirt for WKYC mobilization and general use by the Local at other units. The shirts are being offered by the North Shore Federation of Labor at an attractive price of $5.00 @ for 50 or more. The message on the back reads, “We Deserve Collective Bargaining.” The shirts would be reimbursed by the WKYC Mobilization Fund.

8. Adjournment: There was no further business and President Wachenschwanz called for adjournment. Tim Roskey made the motion, which was seconded by Ken Koscick. The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 12:22 PM.

Next month’s Executive Board Meeting will be held at the CWA 4340 hall on July 16th at 11:00 AM. It should be an interesting meeting that will recap the NABET Triennial Conference and election of national officers. See you in July! Have a safe and happy fourth!

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