NABET/CWA Local 42 E-Board Minutes 2/19/11

Meeting called to order at 11:28am by Vice President Jim Kolendo. President Bill Wachenschwanz is en-route to the Meeting from the airport.

Attendees: D. Banks, M. DeChant, B. Geiger, J. Jackson, J. Kaminsky, B. Kohagen, J. Kolendo, K. Koscick,
J. Kubankin, T. Mullally, M. Oliver, G. Payamgis,
J. Potter, N. Tatulinski, T. Trakas, W. Wachenschwanz, C. Watkins and D. Yandala.
Non-voting attendees: R. Nagin, Maurice Sears and
E. Verba.

Reading of the Minutes of the January 15th, 2011 E-Board Meeting is suspended.
One change/correction to the January 2011 Minutes is requested by George Payamgis. George stated that WKYC News Director, Rita Andolsen, pointed out that it was NOT the consultants who said the news was “dull and boring”, it was the VIEWERS who found the WKYC News “dull and boring.” The E-Board thanks WKYC News Director Andolsen for the correction that the viewers find WKYC News “dull and boring”. So noted. NABET/WKYC Retiree, Ed Verba, agreed that as a viewer, he finds the WKYC News dull and boring.
Motion to accept the change to the January 15th Minutes to read, “Viewers found the WKYC news “dull and boring.” Move: Doug Yandala.
Second: Ken Koscick.

Treasurer’s Report is read by Treasurer Marilyn Oliver. In January, the total monthly income was $9,463.24. Expenses for the month totaled $20,211.46. We had a net loss for the month of $10,748.22. Big expenses were the Holiday Party, ULOA for WJW, WKYC, and WOIO/WUAB, Salary Comp and Accounting Fees. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report: Bill Kohagen.
Second: Jim Jackson.

A motion to move to Executive Session was brought to the floor. Motion made by Terry Trakas.
Second: Terry Mullally. Discussion continues in Executive Session.

A motion to leave Executive Session was brought to the floor. Motion made by Ken Koscick. Second: John Potter.

Motion that the entire Executive Board waive Meeting compensation and Quarterly Stipend indefinitely, in the spirit of WE ARE NABET: Move: Ken Koscick.
Second: John Potter.

Chuck DeGross, NABET Local 42 Consul, asks Treasurer Marilyn Oliver to reduce his January bill to the Local for Legal Services by the amount of $200 to join in the WE ARE NABET Initiative. Thank you, Chuck, for your generosity.

New Members: None

Members Not Here Any More: WJW News- Leah Richards- Went to WEWS

WEB REPORT: John Potter is modifying the NABET/CWA Local 42 Web site. The new site will be activated in the next few weeks. We will be able to post meetings on our NABET Local 42 Facebook page. You can look for our fan page on Facebook by searching ““NABET 42, non-profit organization”. Please suggest this site to family and friends so we can build interest in our group. The new web site is streamlined and user friendly. Nice work, John!

Stewards Reports:

WOIO/WUAB: Bill Kohagen reports that Chrissy Lincoln, who was laid off last month, has returned to work. Her status in the Unit will be discussed. Next week, Jim Jackson and Catherine Bosley have been selected to attend a meeting with Corporate Management. People from several departments at WOIO/WUAB have been tapped to attend this meeting. Bill Kohagen, Rob Hillyer, Eric Seggi and Chuck DeGross will be at a meeting with management on Tuesday. Sixteen or more issues are planned to be discussed at this meeting. Filing briefs on three grievances have been delayed pending this meeting.

WJW-Engineering- Terry Trakas reports that a meeting has been scheduled between Local TV management and Staff Rep Lou Fallot on February 24th. Tim Roskey and Terry will talk to Lou next week when he is in town.

WJW-NEWS- Brian Geiger tells the E-Board that the News Unit will hold an election to select a Negotiating Committee in the next few weeks. The Committee will consist of one Steward and two Members to represent the twenty-seven Unit Members. Lou Fallot would like to meet with the New Unit Members soon to begin planning for contract negotiations.

WKYC- Cathy Watkins fills us in on the latest events at their station. On Wednesday, February 23rd, there will be a day of solidarity in front of the WKYC Studio. Members from each of the Local 42 Units will stand together in front of the building with WE ARE NABET signs. This show of support will not only encourage the WKYC Sisters and Brothers in their battle, but show management that we are all united in the cause. If Members have video cameras, they are encouraged to bring them along to capture images to post on YouTube and our web site. Members from the AFL-CIO are invited to attend and show Union support on this day of solidarity.

AFL/CIO Report is presented by Rick Nagin and Jim Kolendo. Rick invites all Members to attend a demonstration in Strongsville on March 15th. This demonstration in support of collective bargaining is sponsored by “Stand Up for Good Jobs in Strong Communities”, and will be held at the intersection of Rt. 82 and Pearl Road. You can just show up.
The Obama Administration has allowed the TSA Workers to organize. There will be a Rally on Friday, March 4th, from 11am to 1pm at the lower level baggage carousel at the airport. Please consider showing up to support.

Jim Kolendo and John Kubankin attended the North Shore Federation of Labor Meeting on Wednesday, February 9th. Jim distributed a leaflet to the Delegates explaining the plight of the WKYC Members and proposed a Resolution in support of them. Jim has not had any response on the Resolution, but has been contacted by the AFL-CIO about showing up to support our cause at the WE ARE NABET Initiative.

Jim also took part in the Gannett Caucus call. He said that he is seeing forward movement and was encouraged to find that the group is focused on finding a solution to the problems so many people in the organization are facing.

SEC Report: President Wachenschwanz up-dates the Board on the SEC By-Laws Sub-committee Meeting held in New York this past week. Many cost saving ideas are being considered that will aid our Union by increasing efficiency and positioning us to best meet the needs of our Members. Bill will speak more fully on these topics at future meetings.

Motion to Adjourn: George Payamgis.
Second: Jim Jackson.
Meeting ends at 2pm.

NEXT E-BOARD MEETING: Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at 11:00am at the Union Hall.

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